I confess my enfeeblement last night – after the unsuccessful quiz, I went home, flopped onto the bed and just couldn’t bring myself to be vertical for an hour except to brush teeth. This is what comes of going to bed late and getting up…well, sooner than I’d like. It showed in the pub at the quiz, sunken into the sofa chewing a Fab ice-lolly. Two actually; they are 90 calories each (plug, plug). We didn’t do very well; John sets a tough group of questions.

Still confused by Rise of Nations – Steam edition. It has been beefed up for HD etc and I don’t have a problem with that but the fact remains that on my PC, it plays with noticeable jumps, lags, appears to crash when maps load (taking forever), even with graphic options turned down. I cannot understand why I can play much sexier games like Civ V on full with my aging laptop and yet RoN languishes. It’s just hard to believe any software company would release such a buggy product these days? Don’t they do extensive testing, betas et al? Although I don’t yet have it, perhaps the Age of Mythology re-release would offer more personal insight as that game is older and would be a good comparison. Age of Empires 2 runs with no problems on my laptop so there must be…something.

So, my spy network reports that the Doctor has been sighted in London. Just like him to reappear under my nose without my knowledge. This bears further watching and waiting. Sufficed to say, my mood isn’t good.

Getting fed up of my iTunes playlists recently so at work, I’ve been listening to ripped video game soundtracks through YouTube. Readers of the blog know I enjoy the video game remixes offered through Kwed, Overclocked, Remix Amiga, Remix 64 but there are still some original soundtracks I’d like to be able to collect in one place – preferably through legitimate means. Playing board games – video game music works remarkably well. I play Civ V music when playing Risk Legacy, some Legends of Zelda & Super Mario when playing Settlers of Catan (don’t ask, it just works). Going to experiment to see what works with Eldritch Horror – naturally AoE 3 for AoE 3 and AoM for AoM. What would work with Zombie Dice?

Tatio – please put Parasol Stars on Virtual Console and XBLA. We miss the further adventures of Bub and Bob.

It’s actually going to be a fairly tame, lame couple of weeks coming up, not that I mind of course. But there is a distinct lack of (major) activity occurring, or at least that I’m willing to get interested in. There is of course the annual moustache parade in London Saturday week which I’ll be once again avoiding – big pile of poo. And we’re coming up to the usual Wimbledon rubbish which I have zero interest in. Though I did mention to Dr Doom the other day that something I haven’t done in a while is to go bowling, probably not since Alex’s birthday so that might be an idea. There’s also the laser tag game in Canary Wharf (Bunker 51) which I’d also like to try, see what they have going for themselves. Not all empty days of gaming…though those are never really empty.