A very rare double at the quiz on Tuesday; the team won both the quiz (31/40) after arguments with the quiz host over the value of Scrabble tiles (don’t ask) and the killer question. Jack is highly motivated when vexed. Of course, the killer question was “what is the combined age in months of Hitler, Mugabe, bin Laden and Hussein” (I figure putting the four together on my blog is going to attract all sorts of interest from the wrong sources). Of course “Bob” is still alive at 90 but between David and myself, we worked it out and were only 40 months out (obviously give or take a few months for each person). So we walked out £40 richer and with our cider and beer. And we’re still in the lead in the season.

Weather has been good, particularly at lunchtime so I have been able to get out and wander around the joys that are Vauxhall, Kennington and Victoria rather than cower from the rain. Downside of course is that evenings/nights are pretty sweltering, even with the fans on. I now know what Katie was trying to warn us about when we moved in. It’s just the little things – at work there are no temperate controls on the taps in the toilets so the damn things only shoot out hot water – hot to the point of scalding and despite repeated requests to have the temperature lowered, they refuse. And yes, I’m airing my grievance in an open forum, sick of the ostrich-head-in-the-sand mentality of certain colleagues. There’s also the annoyance of electric cookers which seem to retain heat for far longer when switched off compared with gas cookers though I should be grateful we’re not still cooking over peat fires.

Had a three hour walk on Friday – it began with my brain being fried on Friday with a near-constant bombardment of emails and phone calls. By 4.15, I just had enough and felt…kinda hysterical so had to get out of the office. Started a wander and it took me along well-trodden pathways. And despite visiting several shops and stores, all I ended up buying were two pretzels and some sugar-free orangeade; bit proud of that show of restraint. Feet were on fire by the end of it so cooled off in the pool and had a half-hour swim. Felt smug after it all. Saturday was spent having tantrums and cursing the general unreliability of some people whilst Sunday, the proverbial day of rest, was a wee bit more active or at least once I had a dunk around midday. In a grand sense of irony, the one day Xian doesn’t have a birthday picnic on the weekend nearest to the date, it DOESN’T rain.

Tantrums? Bloody Microsoft patching Windows 7 and shutting down my PC without informing me, whilst I was on a curb stomp battle in the Charlemagne campaign. As the Lombards, I carved out a nice empire in Northern Italy, Switzerland and Dalmatia before conquering Carthage and being elected Holy Roman Emperor. Then it shut it down a second time after MORE updates. I bought Rise of Nations through Steam but the game is as buggy as all hell. There’s some lagging issues, the game is prone to crashing and achievements aren’t being recorded properly. Think some urgent patching is required – you hear me Microsoft – you bought the damn game rights, fix it!

Been thinking about having some time off over the next couple of months – either August again or some of July or September. Or perhaps a hybrid of the three, I have plenty of leave in the old calendar. It’s just my current portfolio is overloaded so forward planning is a mite bit tricker. Hell, a day off or two would be nice also. Gonna be a bit tricky in the next few weeks though. Best news is that my bonus should be paid at the end of the month so I can continue to eat…