For the first time in my fifteen year career, I have received the top box marking on my annual report. The cynic in me says that it’ll be another fifteen years before I get another one but for now, I’m happy with the result. Of course, there’s the financial reward to go with it which I sheepishly confess to starting to spend. As a reward for going to bed early and avoiding the junk food, I went to Forbidden Planet and thought I’d treat myself to the new Star Wars Risk. Somehow, I ended up walking out with that, Eldritch Horror and the Expansion – I blame Joey entirely – nothing to do with me guv’nor.

I dunno what I’m having for lunch/dinner today but it will NOT be Quorn related as I’ve eaten that every day for the past six. Need some variety! Tempted to throw together a salad this evening and source something vaguely interesting after twelve. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the versatility Quorn (and similar products) allow you in the kitchen but you can get fed up of variations along a theme after a while. It’s one of the few things I actually miss about Casa Trevelyan, the large kitchen where I could store loads of food rather than a small pantry.

So, Vlad the Mad will be attending the D-Day anniversary today – don’t know why. Despite Stalin begging the Allies to open up a second front against Germany, the first thing they did was to attack Finland. Guess some things never change.

Speaking of the D-Day landings, I’m surprised EA or Activision haven’t bothered to (re)release another stinking WW2 title in an attempt to cash in but I suppose that the World Cup spin off games take priority this month. Still would like to see a decent WW1 type game; although most of the combat was fairly static on the Western Front, the Eastern Front and the Middle East were a little more fluid – or just have an Alternative History type game where the player can re-write history by winning battles (including stopping the looting of a Belgian Chateau by a Bavarian regiment which among its ranks included one Private Hitler…)

Played a game of Civ IV last night as Peter the Great (random choice). Got totally pwned on Science for some reason, probably the fact I only churned out seven cities compared with my rivals and was locked in quite a lengthy struggle with the Incans in a stalemate. Finally chased them out though and declared war on them several turns later after they squandered their resources, forcing them into a submission. Ultimately came out top in the Space Race ahead of the Portuguese programme. Tried a quick Rhye’s as Mali, failed the first UHV so gave up.

It’s the board games afternoon/day at the Vauxhall Griffin tomorrow. Despite drumming up a fair amount of interest, no teams have actually registered for the competition. Plan B is to just play games. My fear is that a hundred people turn up (well, a lot of people) expecting to take part in a competition which we’re just not ready for. And the weather is going to be utterly lousy. Otherwise – another quiet one.