It was a long day yesterday – woke up at 4am and just could not get back to sleep so spent 2½ hours in bed with my brain for company before deciding to get up and go in to work early (chiefly so I could go home at 4 on the dot). Skipped breakfast at home, Belvita biscuits weren’t going to get me through four hours in the office but headed down to Ravello (as the work restaurant is being refurbished) for an Eggs Benedict Muffin which was quite good as it happens. Half term is well and truly over here; all the desks in our area were full by 0920 and you saw the looks of disappointment on the faces of colleagues as they trudged sadly away.

Managed to struggle through most of the rest of the day armed with hot coffee and cold water to keep me going though the 3pm slump hit with full force; thank heaven for office non-squiteurs. Found myself bullied/coerced into organising the Office World Cup Sweepstake. Even though I had last pick, I still ended up with Germany so I stand in good stead to win a prize of some sort. Deutschland über alles. Finally dragged myself home, crashed onto the couch and remained in an undignified position for two hours before heading over to the quiz, lost that, went home, passed out. Tuesday in brief.