Yoshi’s Island 2 – Hint Hunt 0. Yeah, we cracked both rooms on Sunday and actually happened to be the first ones to solve the new Zen room. Those who don’t know, Hint Hunt is a puzzle/problem solving game where you and your team are locked in a room and you have to escape within an hour by passing a series of challenges. The London branch has a couple of themed rooms – a detective theme and a Japanese theme. You search items for keys and codes, solve problems and puzzles for more codes, adding up to one final challenge to unlock the door. We started off in the Zen room, each of us doing our own little bit to get through. I cringed when I saw a game of Go (I don’t like that game thanks to the DS 42 Challenges) but warmed up with the giant Sudoku. Bizarrely, we opened the final safe about half an hour before we were supposed to because we input random numbers we found lying around and a combination of two three digit numbers happened to be the same as the regular six digit code.

Went to Ed’s Diner at Euston in our break but frustratingly, there were no hotdog buns, fries, milkshakes or ice cream which kinda kyboshed plans a little. Caijun burger wasn’t bad though; onion rings were a worth substitute. And the complaining was kept to a minimum for a nice change.

Saturday saw a little gaming – started this beauty of a game on Rhye’s as the Germans. Their Unique Historical Victory (UHV) is to (1) by 1870 conquer Rome, Greece and France (achieved), (2) by 1940 conquer Britain, Russia and Scandinavia (Scandinavia conquered) and (3) be the first to finish the tech tree. As things stand, Germany are the masters of Europe save for Spain and Portugal who are cowering away on the Iberian peninsula, and the Islamic Republic of Britain (I kid you not) who is the current tech tree leader although they did get their asses handed to them by the Thirteen Colonies (USA clearly doesn’t exist in this TL). I only got Greece thanks to Turkey collapsing into civil war owing to ongoing instability and took full advantage by absorbing Athens, Istanbul and Tirana before they respawned and I took Izmir as I was about to anyway. Next: probably should try and invade Britain before they get too powerful so lots of Galleons needed. Then Russia and that should pretty much put Germany in pole position to win the game. Also tried a quick Babylon – Persia keep handing me my ass.

Paul’s birthday was the Saturday evening – after a day’s shopping where I finally got the new shoes I’ve been trying to make myself buy amongst a couple of other items – I made my way over to Holborn, caught with people, met some new ones and had cake. Exactly what you want in a birthday really. Darren brought his Wii U to play Mario Kart 8 – wasn’t impressed by it, has to be said. Walk home was nice but still took over an hour; not entirely sure how long I was dithering in Tesco looking for a sammich but it might have been a while.

Coming up this week: not much. Huzzah!