I write blog entries and they languish in Development Hell before actually getting published long after the events are current. Joe-Fail.

The four day weekend was very welcome indeed and I’m simultaneously pleased and sorry to say it was another video game orgy. I finished off Resident Evil 5 and one of the downloadable scenarios (it was RE Porn for long-standing fans of the series), went through the Soviet Campaign in Red Alert 3 again, played several games of Civ IV (particularly Rhye’s Mod), Pac-Man Championship Edition, Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse, Wolfenstein 3D, GTA IV and that’s about yer lot. I do like Rhye’s even though I still struggle with managing Empire Stability (as it’s inadequately explained in overall management terms, even online).

Just to reassure the reading public, I did manage to leave the house during the weekend – drinks in the Griffin, walks when it wasn’t raining down to Clapham. Feeling regretful that I didn’t make it a five-day weekend however. Even went up to Camden on the Monday: I’d envisaged walking up there but the rain put pay to that idea so it was bus up and tube back which really grated. If nothing else however, it gave me the chance to finish off Casino Royale (yeah, I’m reading the James Bond novels).

Elections on Thursday: went as expected. Naturally frustrated at the result but with less than a 50% turn out…hey ho. I do think that the current plans to reform/screw over the trade unions ought heed that particular issue – considering the vagaries/biases in First Past the Post and how majorities are seldom over half of all voters. Compulsory voting isn’t especially popular in Australia, particularly amongst the young; freedom of choice should mean the freedom not to choose. But then again, everyone loves Order on Civ V BNW, not Freedom.

It should be something of a packed week ahead – it was the quiz yesterday (we won with 22/40 which I consider quite pathetic – the special guest was…well, someone I’m not too fond of), board games tonight, nothing tomorrow, pay day/shopping Friday, Paul’s Birthday on Saturday and finally Hint Hunt on Sunday. Then we’re in June and there’ll only be three weeks before the Solstice. Dark nights and the slow, inexorable slide into Xmas coupled with bloody sporting events crammed into the calendar taking over everything.

Something of an antsy mood this morning – not entirely sure why though the aural assault of several boring telephone conversations being conducted by stupes in the office probably had something to do with it. Bugger the so-called egalitarianism of it all; it’s not conducive to well being. Had to plug in the earphones and listen to playlist LJ1 which is my generic playlist of 800 or so tracks and there’s always something good buried away in there I forget about but becomes the day’s earworm.

Ok, have to end this as I’m feeling quite belligerent and feel like passing unwarranted harsh commentary on…people with a view to getting into trouble. Salutations, or summat.