Another 6 day delay…

Sorry people but the world was destroyed last night. Yog- Sothoth wasn’t stopped in time by our plucky band of investigators in Eldritch Horror. We were ready to solve the final mystery and take him/her/it on but he awoke from his slumber and the other-worldly gates opened en masse. My stupid musician was devoured having taken on a Dark Pact and Jad’s expedition leader was killed by one of his allies part way through the game.

Tuesday: Thorpe Park Day. Although I worried about making the right train, getting breakfast and the like, I needn’t have bothered as Xian and Daniel missed the planned train and we had to wait thirty minutes for the next one. Starbucks got my name wrong not once but twice over coffee orders. I’m thinking of calling myself something really boring and generic like Tony just so they can’t bugger that one up (probably will spell it Toni…). I don’t know how they shovelled away so much food on the train out there but I think it caught up with them by the time we got to the park.

The park was not as busy as anticipated – many of the rides had queues of around five minutes so as a result, we felt safe in only buying one set of queue-jump tickets and that was only to get on Colossus and Nemesis. We tried the new rides of Swarm and the water slide – not bad but not up to the hype either. Daniel got soaked on the ride (so did I to be fair – he just made more noise) and bought himself a new outfit at the shop. We had a Pizza Hut lunch (big mistake) and went on more rides. Unfortunately, the queues meant that the rides lasted that little bit longer and I swear when I went on Samurai, they sent the ride backwards as well as forward.

I’m not young any more, it played merry hell with my equilibrium and a stomach stuffed full of pizza.


Missed the bowl the second time.

No instant recovery either – felt very feverish, hot then cold then hot again and autopilot kicked in, demanding to be taken home to rest. The others were feeling similarly wiped out so we left the park and headed for home. Two hours on my bed reading/finishing off the third instalment of the Moneypenny Diaries and I was about recovered enough to head over to the quiz. Of course we lost – kept messing up between choices of two answers where we were uncertain but the food was good and we stuffed our faces on Haribo. Then home to bed early and eight hours sleep.