This should have been posted on Monday…

Feet are in agony today but it’s entirely my fault as I spent three hours on Saturday mooching around looking for a few odds and sods whilst trying to break in my old pair of black shoes which I’ve never really gotten comfortable in but they look ok so would like to increase use. Anyway, even though I took it easy and moderated pace, feet were on fire by the end of the afternoon with a lovely blister right on the heel. I did discover whilst on my walk that Tomasz works at Peter Jones and that Solero now do a mojito flavoured ice lolly with rum. WIN!!

Alas Casa Beaufoy is a heat sponge and I felt compelled to break out a fan yesterday in the humidity of Sunday afternoon. Dr Dom went to the park where the pink Cosa Nostra were out in force soaking up the sun and sweating out the meth. I couldn’t join him – these people make me feel ashamed, until I remember that most of them lead train-wreck lifestyles and will look just awful at 50. Bitchy? You bet! Still, it did put me in mind of last summer in Hallings Wharf where we struggled to sleep in the excessive heat – except that evening when the thunderstorm flooded the house but my was the breeze refreshing.

So the weekend was a pretty quiet one, all things considered. Started and finished RE:4 on professional mode (12/12 achievements) so that game can go back into the proverbial box. Started on a couple of other games but made no serious progress. Also made a chilli which I’ve been wanting to do for ages – after lunch on Friday which was a cactus burrito from Wahaca (very not bad), I used some of the chilli to make a couple of smaller burritos of my own. It’ll keep me in meals until the end of the week, given the amounts I made.

Also on Friday, I impulsively bought another Risk Legacy set as I had been vaguely thinking about getting another group going. I’ve drawn up a shortlist of people to consider asking to join the group but an alarming number are one half (or both halves) of couples which of course can work out terribly as well as surprisingly ok. Problem is the weather of course; can’t blame folk for not wanting to coop themselves up for argumentative games of Risk when the weather is perfectly pleasant. Still, keeps the dream alive and makes for another good experience.

Coming up this week – Thorpe Park, the Third Pillar Decision, the four day weekend and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Sounds pretty sweet.