Still not a happy bunny. Dr Dom told me the other day about Disney and Marvel’s decision to take the last 21 years of the Star Wars expanded universe and shove it to one side so that they can wring maximum profits from the franchise. Whilst I understand their need to recoup their outlay on acquiring all this, I can’t help but feel this is a massive two-finger salute to the fans who have been quite passionate and loyal about their commitment to the franchise. I’ve already commented that people will quickly become nostalgic towards the Phantom Menace, particularly given Marvel’s utter lack of imagination (hey, let’s time travel kids) in its storytelling capability. If they really, really wanted to win the fans over, they’d pay Timothy Zahn a huge amount of money and make the Heir to the Empire trilogy (CGI movie) with the original cast voicing roles. The fans would orgasm in their seats, n00bz would easily be won over and the critics would cast a wry smile.

I’ve been wondering whether I want to carry on my general appreciation (read high expenditure) of the franchise – looks like I now have an easy way out.

It’s almost the bank holiday weekend and boy am I looking forward to a day off and a four-day week. I remain unable to get back into the full swing of things at work; there’s a certain amount of clock-watching and anticipation of the end of the day. To be fair, all of my projects are in uneventful stages, the excitement has lost some of its lustre and there aren’t many pressing deadlines to add that little bit of spice. All I feel I have to look forward to is going home to my pumpkin seed crispbreads and exotic cheeses. Now _that’s_ both middle aged, and pathetic. I did try and lure Xian out last night to eat expensive food and get hammered on cocktails but the sod was ill. So he says.