More stinking rain last night meant I didn’t head out after work as my wallet and credit cards were begging me to do. Shoes are continuing to take on water faster than the Titanic which means general discomfort and sulking all round which was the other reason not to head out. Oh I could have hopped on an 88 but I just didn’t feel like it. So I got home, felt the urge to take a bath and spent the rest of the evening watching season 5 of Deep Space Nine whilst continuing to render aid to the good people of Isenstadt. New low? Don’t think so. Wasn’t quite at the “beyond all help” stage.

Friday lunchtime typically sees a visit to the Real Food Market outside the Royal Festival Hall – it’s always the fault of the damn cakes. They pull me in like Die Lorelei luring German sailors along the Rhine to their doom. I usually buy a fudge cake, some sort of brownie (and there are plenty to choose from) and a random third cake then parcel them out over the next few days. I thought about getting lunch there too from the Cyprus stall (Halloumi wraps which are very not bad) but I caved and went to the canteen for salad; hey, have to make room for those pastries in terms of calories. Though it’s a good, brisk walk to Waterloo and back.

I might have to head up to Camden this evening – I have a lead on some Retsina wine which might be found locally there. And if I get to Camden early enough, I might head to the bakery on the High Street again and buy some more pretzels. Whether I walk there and bus back or bus there and walk back I’m not sure though if the heavens decide to open again…might give it a miss. Think bus there and walk back; should theoretically be able to swing by FP on the return trip as I haven’t had any geekery for a while. Need to decide what (or if) I want to get for JL for Monday’s BBQ at the Griffin.

As you can tell from the blog entry, I’m really scrabbling around for things to write up as everything seems in flux at the moment; there’s too much anticipation and not enough action (in more ways than one). I suppose it’s not all bad but the high degree of action, particularly in the past six-eight months leaves me a mite uneasy with the lack of overall direction. With European Elections and local elections less than a month away (third UKIP poster in Vauxhall has been defaced/vandalised btw), many people are sitting around with a little too much time on their hands and not enough to be getting on with. Still, a lot of the lower priority crap can be taken care of in the interim. Like putting up the picture hooks at home!

Anything else? Not really. The board games competition has been formally announced but I haven’t sat down with John to see what sort of changes he has considered to my draft programme which ought to be done sooner rather than later. And there’s the Griffin quiz prize coming up soon which I think is next Sunday; dinner and wine at Vinopolis (again). And THORPE PARK BABY!