Was disappointed by last week’s Economist and the obituary it carried for Sue Townsend. Simply put, a rehashed biography with little comment. If you want the biography, go to Wikipedia; it’s free. But then again, I’m the biased sort – must try harder!

We won last night’s Griffin quiz; have no idea how but suspect that Team Celtic had a complete second half collapse. Bulmers Pear and Budweiser – in 300ml bottles. What the hell is it with drinks companies at the moment shrinking the size of their bottles? Coca Cola now sell bottles in 330ml and 1.75 litres, Pepsi have introduced their 1.5 litre bottles (and I still hate those 250ml cans), other beers are shrinking the sizes of their bottles…don’t like it at all. Had to hold my knife over my platter as Ceajay kept stealing my chips. Quite like the new cider they have in the pub – Kiwi cider (from the fruit, not the antipodeans), naturally sweet and flavourful. Don’t ask me to name the brand however, it eludes me.

Pay day at long last and our contractual buy out payments were made as well as the adjustment in pay for the new tax codes and increase in pension payments. Overall I’m slightly better off (as opposed to worse off as in previous years) which of course comes in handy living in Casa Beaufoy. I have to splash out on a counter top freezer as there’s no room in the flat for a decent sized fridge freezer and the ice-box atop the fridge just doesn’t cut it; the chilling element is naff and only seems to freeze in random spots. So I’ll get the freezer, turn down the chiller in the fridge and use it as an extra shelf. That’ll learn it.

Wouldn’t mind a new laptop and was looking at some but the prices are quite prohibitive for gaming quality laptops and would suck the money straight from my account. However, if I _do_ manage to get that elusive box 1 payment, we’ll see how these things go. And I still am having trouble tracking down a bottle of Retsina. In Brussels, it’s all over the place. In London, can’t seem to find any in off licences nor in supermarkets. Majestic down the road from me under the viaduct is my last hope but their damn retail policy means I’d have to buy six bottles of wine rather than just the one.

It’s a perverse pleasure of mine, not being particularly affected by the tube strike any more although I’m having second thoughts about attending this week’s board games evening as getting to and from Bow will be a bit of a nuisance. And we’ll only be four people rather than five which is a bit of a downer. I have time to decide.

*couple of hours pass*

I didn’t go. Alex also dropped out