After all the ‘excitement’ of last week – and believe me when I use that word in the loosest possible sense – the flat move seems to have stalled for reasons I’m not entirely sure of. I mean, I know the owner wants to meet us but it’s unclear whether this meeting is something of a precondition to assuming the tenancy or just a general chat. And the phone isn’t ringing off the hook requesting the remaining documentation or remaining balance of the deposit. Most confounding, not least as there’s a mere ten days left until the tenancy is supposed to start and I would like to start ordering crates, hiring vans and the like. My first major task will be to sort out my books either tonight or tomorrow night and take them to the Charity shop on Friday. Even with the monster suitcase aiding my in the task, I suspect there’ll be more than one trip required.

You know, a number of things seem to be going quiet lately – couple of big work projects, some friends appear to have gone to ground, potential social activities which had the usual initial enthusiastic outburst have fizzled. I’m not sure what the reasoning behind this strange move but as an ENTP, I try and seek patterns, even when none exist. It’s February, the Monday of months and there’s half-term coming. It’s Parliamentary recess at the end of the week so colleagues will be seeking to go on leave. Easter is late though that will be intermixed with the European (and local election) Purdah period. I dunno, I suspect a culmination of burn-out, the fact that SAD is probably taking root and general malaise. This time last year, I remember a freak early February heat wave when you could go out without your coat on (if you were wearing two layers) but with the temperature and sky maintaining their grim façade…yeah, ain’t gonna happen.

Once again, the Griffin Quiz was last night and we ended up in second place despite a miserable first half performance and a couple of changed answers where the initial instincts were right all along. However, as the prize was a crate of Carling Zest again, we weren’t too upset about being runner up. Seemed to be a wave of fatigue in the team – I suspect everyone has been running around like crazy the past six weeks since we welcomed 2014 and it’s beginning to take its toll. And there was no treacle sponge pudding either.

I’ve still been slowly working my way through the various challenges on Arkham City’s “Riddler’s Revenge”. Got the Bronze for Batman, very close to Silver and it’s actually kinda therapeutic bashing my way through the combat and skulking in the shadows for predator. Of course now I’ve finally gone and paid for the Nightwing character, I can do them ALL AGAIN WITH A DIFFERENT CHARACTER. Well, there are two more achievements to consider! Oh, and New Game Plus, of course. The next decision is what to start on next. Really feel I should finish off Resident Evil 5 or at least start again as it has been a while but there are other possibilities in my small but growing pile. And that reminds me to get another Disc Wallet from WH Smiths for the remainder of my DVDs (there’s about 20 that are still boxed) and for the Xbox Games.

Very little else to report. With a clear calendar for February, there’s very little to tell. Going to Wasabi for lunch today – fancy the Tofu Curry; love the spicy flavour.