Hey gang, this last week…well, although I’m grateful I don’t live in the South West with the flooding and the winds and all but it’s been quite a toughie here.  So, Dom and I were running around all of South London looking at new places to live – Battersea, Vauxhall, Stockwell, Clapham, Elephant & Castle…  I’d completely forgotten how much hard work it was, viewing flats and darting across town IN THE MIDDLE OF A BLOODY 48 HOUR TUBE STRIKE.

There were times I could have just wept through sheer frustration.  Haven’t felt that way in…well, when was the last time the Doctor was in rehab?  Thank heaven for my comedy DVD collection putting a smile on my face every now and again in the midst of the angst.  We found a few places we liked, made further enquiries and it might be that we’ll be living in Vauxhall in a fortnight’s time.  Just got to pass the reference checking.  Fingers crossed and all that.  As Vegere says, don’t count your glitterlies when all you have it maggots but I feel it looking good…

Although yesterday, the fraud department of the bank decided to cancel my debit card which was really, really effing inconvenient.  Some really, really angry phonecalls were made yesterday, there were some velvet-covered threats but I think that all’s back on track.  It’s amazing how one can go from one extreme emotion to another, particularly without chemical stimulants or imbalanced brains.

Sufficed to say, that’s been it for the entire week, no gaming other than Streetpass hits, work has continued to be busy but it looks like we’re about to sort out that Dublin visit once and for all and I’m stuffed full of home made lasagne.  And next is the chilli – running through all the fridge and freezer foodstuffs.

That’s probably all I can think of to jot down for now.  With potential packing in the offing and all that, yeah – might get more than a little busy.  But I want to make the time to go out to see the Robocop remake; great cast list.