Anger has subsided for the most part at Tuesday’s news. Cautious optimism (heavily caveated of course) at new possibilities that have opened up though there are some dependencies I need to take care of first. One thing I have done is compile a mental list of everything that needs to be done in the next fifty days including:

Inventorying my books
Dumping at least half my books (those easily reacquired electronically)
Disposing of old PC
Disposing of Star Wars stuff
Disposing of clothes unworn in 2013
Considering whether to keep all board games or dumping the unplayed ones.

It was what – 27 or 28 crates I moved with last time + the boxes? Well, that’s going to be pared down by 25% if I can help it. The books are the easiest target but the toy and silly bits of junk are easily gotten rid of. Hmm, will have to put the Xbox games into one of those disc folders too.

Griffin Quiz – first of 2014 happened to be a review of the year and we ended up coming third much to my relief as I didn’t fancy lugging more beer home. Still wish my team-mates could turn up more or less on time rather than late, very late and ridiculous. Place looked a bit bare without all the Xmas decs in every nook and cranny.