As is typical when old calendars are chucked out and new ones hung in their place, so too does WordPress give us annual statistics and bloggers such as myself give a review of the past year. And yeah, I feel like upholding this age-old tradition.

So, 2013 was definitely the Year of the Move. Moved house twice, many of my friends moved house in 2013, went to permanent hot-desking at work which requires a daily move, move around to Brussels once a month for Working Groups, two line managers moved jobs, several people I know dumped long-standing partners and moved on…

I think though, that 2013 felt worse than 2012 overall. Although there were a lot of dizzying highs, there were also a lot of depressing lows and to quote Homer Simpson, very few “dreamy middles”. Getting the PPI claim resolved was a fantastic bonus and getting out of Trevelyan Road were notable highs. Heading out to Brussels was a definite high, getting out and about and being trusted to act responsibly. Also getting my career on track, keeping atop of my weight and board game days have been pretty enjoyable and noteworthy.

The lows: Dealing with other people and their crystal meth addictions (major LOW), moving the second time, developing pollen-allergies potentially exasperated by excess humidity at home (a very recent discovery), crap about terms and conditions at work (including last month’s revelation that I have to work another two years before I can get my State Pension), not making any new friends in Camden.

And the “dreamy middles”: my birthday shindig and the Berlin trip. That’s about it.

In the wider world, there’s not much I feel like commenting on. I don’t think the world has changed for the better in the past twelve months though it’s nice that Iraq and Afghanistan are out of the headlines for the most part. Even Libya and Egypt have been fairly quiet recently or at least, are further down the priority list. Distinctly underwhelmed by technology launches like the iPhone 5, the Xbone, 2DS & PS4. Yeah, 2013 was a fairly uninspiring year AFAIC.

I’ve not been a fan of New Year’s Eve for well over a decade and this year was no exception. I spent the evening in with a Papa John’s pizza, two new Xbox games (Bully on download and Lego Star Wars 3) just to see the evening out quietly. And one of the games crashed on me just after midnight so I rage-quit and went to bed. But the anger didn’t stop there, no. The next day I tried to make some coffee but the filter in the machine clogged and the kitchen was flooded with the black stuff. I really, really lost it. It’s a good thing nobody else was around but god only knows what the neighbours were thinking at all the yelling and cussing going on. That’s the last time I try and use a stinking paper filter in that machine.

At least we’ve just been paid though we’re now five months in waiting for the pay settlement issues to be resolved. Some newsflash issued on the 23rd December said there’s a deal to be had and I suspect it’ll be rejected by the three Unions dragging matters out further. But as there are some serious contractual amendments being considered as part of the package (and it’s a three-year deal), they can’t just impose it upon us either. So what this boils down to is “more good times ahead”, he said in an extremely sarcastic tone of voice.

Haven’t really done resolutions per se though I am going to make more of an effort to drag people around to Camden. And to get the first slurry of Games Afternoons in the calendar, both Risk Legacy Groups and my six-weekly effort. Am tempted to steal Joey’s idea of a Board Game afternoon at the Griffin on the Saturday just for something to do on Smarch 1st (damn the Treehouse of Horror episode). Well, there’s 58 days to make that plans and finalise arrangements but I don’t have the ambition or the inclination for another theme-party. Mind you, I don’t know what theme I’d make it this year.

Other than all that, not much else to say. Probably part of the reason I’ve not been able to make time for daily updates lately. Well that and a stupidly crazy schedule which affords little free time for anything other than melting into a puddle of goo on the couch. Well, the quiz will resume next Tuesday and I want to get a date in the diary for HintHunt.