‘lo people, this is most likely my final blog post of 2013 unless I get all maudlin tomorrow evening and feel the urge to write as other people are out having fun or something like that. Yeah, once again I’m carrying on the tradition of staying in with junkfood and video games, seeing the year out on a quiet note. And with Saturday’s trip to Morrisons, I’m not short of games to play as they were practically giving away decent Xbox titles so I cleaned up (Resident Evil 6, Saint’s Row 3, Epic Mickey 2, at least one other game + 3 months Live membership all for £30). Bought Lego Batman just before Xmas as that was dirt cheap at Sainsbury’s and I fancied something simple for the five day holiday. It took two days to finish it at 100% completion and get 45/46 of the achievements. Hell, the only one I’m lacking is not completing a level in co-op and that’s only because I lack a second controller!

Yeah, these last few days have been video-game heavy. I also finished off The Force Unleashed II after a prolonged absence, have been screaming up a storm at Bubble Bobble Neo (don’t ask), restarted Arkham Asylum on Hard Difficulty (and cussing out the Bane Level), won and lost countless games on Zoo Keeper Battle as well as garnering the usual hits on Streetpass 3DS. Also finished two paperbacks, several comicbooks in my “to-read” pile, learned how to use the grinder on my coffee maker after sixteen months (discovering that chocolate and orange coffee might smell great but tastes bitter).

What did happen on Wednesday? Well, I left my alarm on as it’s programmed to jerk me awake at a reasonable time and my orders were to be in Vauxhall no later than 12. A quick breakfast of Belvita biscuits and I made my way south, stopping by Xian and Stephen for coffee and to give them their gift. And it luck would have it, as soon as I got there, it began to chuck it down despite the weather forecast saying it was going to be clear. Fortunately the rain passed quickly and I was only fifteen minutes behind schedule.

Next a major thank-you to Pret-a-Manger whose Trafalgar Square branch was open on Xmas morning thus enabling the purchase of a much desired lattè. You wouldn’t think there’d be so many tourists out and about but the streets around the landmarks were quite laden with them. Still, I guess it’s either that or be bored in your hotel rooms. However, I powered through the throng and got to the pub at exactly 11.59am. It was a relief to be able to tear my rucksack off my back and let the dents in my hands even up.

Then we just spend the day together: John, Andy, Pepina, myself and Nova & Sable getting appallingly drunk, playing games, commenting on various odds and sods, talking about anything and everything. Lunch was a grand affair and I felt it a point of personal honour to finish the whopping great plate set before me. Of course that completely ruined me for the evening’s buffet and frankly, everyone else as our collective guts heaved. Still, it was all salvageable and little wasted. For the first time in twelve years I had someone else cook for me on Xmas day which was quite an experience, truth be told.

And yeah, the rest of the holiday was game heavy as mentioned. I just wish…well, I wish I had a bit longer off of work. It’s a little frustrating how everything has popped up in the diary for January forcing a revisiting of my plans to take some leave in the latter half of the month but it’s only a two-week deferral and perhaps…perhaps I might take leave immediately after the ReReg Working Group, dunno, have a couple of weeks to think about it.

Forward Look time: well, some sort of event-thing happening tomorrow evening followed by a Bank Holiday (YAY!). Breaking in the new manager from Thursday, mad rush to get work finished by the 10th and need to plan what’s happening for both my trips to Brussels. Also need to get some gaming days and evenings in the diary and of course, there’s only two months before the big 35…