If my laptop could talk, that’s what it’d say. And it’s true, the last time I bothered to do anything with my laptop was little over a month ago. From the boy who’d turn on his computer before he took his coat off when he came in from work, yeah – been computer free as of late. Granted, the Xbox has had more appeal lately but with all the late nights and intensive work activity, the last thing I’ve wanted to do in the evenings is to endure more PC-type-stuff. Also, with the office finally adopting Windows 7 (and the abomination that is Office 2013), I suspect there’s a part of my brain that doesn’t want to see a replication of the work environment in the sanctuary of home.

But this morning I realised that there were a number of tasks I’ve been forestalling such as clearing out email accounts and updating a couple of key documents (inventories and the like) together with a iPhone/iPad back-up so had to indulge. And then I realised that I haven’t checked out Steam’s Winter Sale – doesn’t seem as exciting as in previous years, it has to be said. I dunno, perhaps there’s just a lack of “must-have” games on the PC lately. For people like Alex and Joey who invest a lot of game-time on their laptops, I guess it’s more exciting. And they have proper quality gaming laptops/PCs. Me and my Acer? Let’s just say that iTunes stutters if you try and do anything else which requires the least bit of laptop resource. And this is supposed to be a 6GB RAM machine!!

So, that’s me moaning about my hardware issues! Plenty of other stuff to dissect and moan about. Bloody rain for one thing.


Xmas. It’s going to be a really understated holiday this year. I’ve bought gifts for five people perhaps? No cards again and haven’t received a single one. Then again, nobody else I know is sending any cards in all fairness. Generational thing? Even the usual flurry of office/work cards is reduced to two for the entire section! I’d go so far as to say they’re on their way out.

Will be spending the day in Vauxhall with Andy, John and Pepina which’ll mean a brisk walk downhill. I might call in on Xian and Stephen on the way – not that they know this yet and I’m fairly certain they don’t read this blog… will be off from 25-30 only as the Friday will be taken as a privilege day. I was hoping to take a couple of weeks off in January but with three Brussels trips dotted throughout that month, I think that perhaps a small chunk of February is more advisable. We’re having our FIFTH final meeting (!) on Re-Reg thanks to an outbreak of stubbornness on the part of several countries.

Bought myself my first Munchkin set – The Good, The Bad and the Munchkin as I didn’t want to start off with the vanilla set. Haven’t made time to play it but will do so soon. I was tempted to buy the Munchkin Apocalypse set in FP last week as Risk Legacy #1 was cancelled at the last minute but managed to rein in my credit card. That said, the Munchkin Superhero set was mighty alluring also. Again, I find myself wishing for some local game-playing buddies.

What else do I have to write about? Went on a small Xbox Arcade spree the other day taking advantage of some sale offers. Bought Beyond Good and Evil HD – loved the Gamecube version. Also got Bubble Bobble and Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime. Stopped myself buying Bully as I still hope to track down a second hand version even though I’ve not seen a copy in the shops for less than £19.99. Also finished regular Ghostbusters the other day and Star Trek Legacy. Also finally solved that one pain-in-the-arse puzzle on Picross 3 so could start on Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies. Actually, been really ploughing through games lately rather than dithering.

Oh yeah, this made me laugh – Batman Arkham Origins in Game was £40. The Batman Arkham trilogy, £30. Just JENIUS!

Getting a small windfall at the end of January, not a huge amount but enough to…say buy a new iPad Air and still have enough left over for dinner-for-four type-thing. I’ve been considering what to do with the case. First and foremost on my mind is the possibility of going away for my birthday. Though I could use the cash to either get a new laptop or even a new iPad. However, seeing as I’ve not really been using my laptop, I fail to see the immediate need. An iPad would be cool, or perhaps buying a new iPhone outright and switching to a Sim-Only contract thus saving cash over the longer term… or the sensible thing of banking it.

Another thing that made me laugh – the “good” Doctor put on his Facebook profile the other day “it’s good to do a friend a favour when they can’t pay you back”. I abused Xian’s Facebook profile (he showed it to me as I’m still not on the wretched site) and typed “Joe laughed bitterly when he read this”. Nasty side-swipe but it was the Argentinian beer that made me do it.

Yeah – plug time: on Monday, Xian, Daniel and myself went to La Patagonia on Camden High Street and I have to say, it was a really nice restaurant with good food, good ambience and nice liquor. I had the Corn Pancake with Goats cheese and rocket salad as a starter, the butternut squash as a main but forewent dessert as I had a tonne of sweet-tasting junk at home brought back from the most recent Brussels trip. But definitely one to check out if you find yourself in my neck of the woods, folks. I think that next, I’d like to try the Japanese Bento restaurant or the Thai place next door to La Patagonia. Oooh, and the Vegan cafe on Pratt Street cos they have amazing-looking cake.

Keep reminding me that I need to sort out my desktop PC people, one day I will wipe it and take that and the monitor down to Cex to PX against games or something. I never make the time. Why don’t I do it now? Well, it relies on me finding a keyboard so I can interface with it properly, just to take. I know that the guys will probably wipe it clean anyway but still, I need to be certain before I get rid of it. Not that it should contain any up to date information as it’s not been used in over a year and PC World wiped both hard drives clean when they replaced the motherboard.

Not much else to say. I could review all the games I’ve been playing. In capsule review:

Picross 3 – always good value. Challenging puzzles that test the brain. Essential.
Ghostbusters – Great fun but the levels felt a little too long in places. Also, finding the collectables can be a pain in the bum if you’re that sort of gamer.
Beyond Good and Evil HD – camera controls are nasty. Game is still great though.
Star Trek Legacy – a Trekkies wet dream but it’s essentially an arcade-action game which is more Star Wars than Star Trek. Quite repetitive in terms of “kill all the bad guys”.