Ahoy Ahoy (and it’s very easy to see why that particular greeting never really took off in early telephone usage). I’m turning into the world’s worst correspondent here – it’s all due to bloody interweb filters overstepping their marks. Access to video gaming sites has been blocked as they come under the generic category of “games”, like flash games and the like. So I only get to see the latest video gaming developments on my iPad these days. Blogs and journals are also out thanks to the web-filter though in many case, it’s a handy addiction breaker. I used to really enjoy Bobby Hardenbrook’s “Shattered World”, or at least until it crossed the line and entered into the territory of fantasy. And the lack of regular updates didn’t help but that’s the problem with writing projects of this size, at some point they gain sentience and cease to provide entertainment for the masses.

Gripes against literature aside, today is a very tired one not least as I’ve forbade myself any coffee today having spent half of last night with gut-ache (from about 6pm but it peaked at 4am) and need to steer clear from caffeine and acidic drinks. As such, eyes are struggling to stay open whilst concentration is prone to roam quite freely. And somehow I’m going to have to plod on home; might have to hop on an 88, dunno yet. Heh, it reminds me of a Matt Groening “Life is Hell” strip where Binkie spends about his entire day half asleep. He gets up, goes to work and generally has a normal day but looks half wrecked throughout it and yet when he goes to bed, he’s wide awake. How many times have we all been there?

So, what’s new? We finally got the second Risk Legacy group off the groups last Saturday with Team Science (me & Alex, Clare, Paul and Rupert) at the Griffin. Only Paul had played Risk before so naturally I cleaned up in the first two games before people began to get the hang of the game. But they’re a smart bunch of people, it won’t be long before they twig how the game is played properly and indeed, in the third game, the signs were there. But the other Risk Legacy game last Wednesday was just beautiful. After some patented Joeanian kick-ass chili, we started game 6 and it commenced with Joey taking out Robyn before she even got her first turn in and he was poised to win the game on his second turn. However, Jad and I had other plans. He massed a huge army in North Africa and was ready to invade when between us we fired off the three missiles to trigger an event, wiped him almost clear off the map and completely derailing his game. Jad gloated, I merely pointed out first he had the pride and this is the fall (in the hubris/nemesis terminology I’m fond of). It was one of those memorable moments in gaming which you just want to treasure.

Finished Batman Arkham City on normal and collected enough trophies (all Catwoman, most of Batman) to get the Riddler. In fact the only sidequest outstanding is the Political prisoners one. So I picked up where I’d left off on Godfather II at the weekend and finished that off too. It wasn’t as satisfying to complete compared with the original game though the promotion system and family management system had such potential. It’s a shame they wasted it on such a mediocre experience all in all. So then I whacked in Star Trek: Legacy into the Xbox and tried to resume that game until the stinking thing crashed on me. It didn’t help matters much that I’d completely forgotten how the controls worked so played a couple of skirmishes whilst I reacquainted myself with it. To be honest, all I want to do is try a campaign which isn’t in the NX-01 era.

The Griffin quiz finished the latest season last Tuesday and YI came second overall. Considering what Team Science won, we think we got the better end of the deal as I’m fairly certain that nobody on the team would have wanted to see Dolly Parton at the O2 Arena. We won 2 hours (for five people) at HintHunt which is just down the road from me. It’s not too dissimilar to a Riddler Death Trap from Arkham City but without the electrified floors or slice n dice doors. Ok that’s slight exaggeration but you get the point. There’s a standard 180-day booking clause on the game so it’s just a case of finding a suitable date and time in the diary. Perhaps January, when people are too poor to afford any other entertainment. Speaking of the quiz, the new season commences on the 10th so most of the gang are choosing to do something different tomorrow. I dunno what I’ll do but if I have another day like today, I’m going straight home to fester/wallow.

I have a five hour meeting on Wednesday. Not looking forward to it. It doesn’t have the glamour of Brussels or the Eurostar.

Actually, there’s nothing particularly sexy happening this week to be honest. Grim stuff – except RL.