This should have gone up on 22nd November.

Something that has baffled the hell out of me for quite some time are those situations where you see someone you know – not especially well but you’ve had more than a single conversation in the past – walking towards you or in a lift or something and for some inexplicable reason, you both decide that you don’t know each other and take great pains to avoid any sort of contact or acknowledgement. Then what makes the situation far funnier (at least in hindsight) is when you _do_ speak with that person at some future date and they make reference to having seen you around, the words “but you didn’t say anything at the time” reverberate around the back of your skill and skate on the very tip of the tongue. Then the person gets that microsecond-flash in their eyes when they realise the your conclusion and the fact they have dug themselves a conversational grave.

So why when we all know what the situation is and what we can do to resolve it, do we perpetually fall into that trap time and again? What dooms us as a species to repeat our mistakes in such a crude manner with such alacrity? I dunno – maybe I’ll do a study. One day. But where things really get crazy is that when you do spend a couple of minutes talking to that person, it gives you a lift for the rest of the day. Ah well, enough musing for one week.

The big news this week is that after 2½ months toil, I/we at work have finished something of an epic project here and there’s been something of some decent breathing space so all the other piddly little things we normally fret about can be cleared up and killed off. Alas the respite will only be temporary – this was phase one of the project but will be by far the most work intensive component. Phases two and three should be a great deal more facile though there are no guarantees in this life. But thanks to all those very late finishes the past few weeks and early starts, I’ve been about to go home a little earlier this week too – more time for…well…walking as it turns out but still – big yay.

Only Alex and I of the normal Yoshi’s Island fraternity managed to make this week’s quiz as the other slackers were out listening to some music or having botox or something. We were joined by three other people, Jack, Tony and someone whose name I forget. Despite being a high scoring quiz, we failed to make the top three. Probably means Team Science are leading the way in the final round of the quiz but hey-ho. Was tempted to have a meat dish just for variety as I’m a bit fed up of veggie burgers but decided to be a bit different and had a chip brioche bun (I’m a classy person) and ate the burger separately. I may eat before I go to the pub next week as the whole stodgy meal concept is something I’d like to take a bit of a break from. Give me something like jambalaya or a risotto, filling but not aggressively so.

Wednesday was a Risk Legacy night. As the oven is still knackered, there was no pizza so we had burgers, hotdogs and other little nibbly things. Only managed to get through one particularly protracted game alas. We could have had a second but we sat around chatting about stuff. I offered one of my other board games such as Bang! but alas we stuck to the “putting the world to rights” chat. Ne’er mind, at least we scheduled the next game for next week Bei Mir. Maybe it’ll be Chilli Con Carne both meat n veg.

I decided to play Batman Arkham City again last night, again on a harder difficulty setting. It’s interesting playing it the second time around as I’m finding that I’m accomplishing far more, sweeping up more Riddler Trophies and side missions than I did the first time around. And now I’ve really got a handle on how Batman moves, I’m just enjoying the explorations of the city. I’m minded of playing the Godfather on the Wii and how much pleasure it was just to drive around 1940s New York. But I’ll be sweeping up more of the Xbox Achievements if nothing else. Have also been slowly solving the puzzles in Picross 3 and playing their new “Mega Picross” mode which delivers a new twist to the classic nonogram puzzle. Rather than one clue per line, some of the lines have clues bundled together so there’s even more logic and process of elimination to be applied to the thinking. Once you get the hang of them and “crack the formula”, they’re just as easy to resolve as the regular puzzles. I still want another copy of 3D picross though for the DS and might have to source eBay.