Technology rant today:

iOS 7 – Having finally caved to pressure, I decided to update my iPad to the latest Apple operating system. Rather than fall into the iOS 6 trap of having all the issues and dramas from day one, prudence seemed the better part of valour. Having seen a third iteration of the operating system, now seemed a good a time as any, plenty of time enough to iron out the kinks in the system.

First of all – what have they done? The aesthetic looks grotesque, the transparent panels really don’t work with a white overlay and is reminiscent of a pencil case? What is this recent propensity for “brilliant white” – it’s all over Office 2013 and now all over Apple. Some of us don’t like the dazzle or the melding and have to spend forever tinkering with settings to get a decent balance.

The icons for the Apple range of products are just rank. Reminds me of a child’s pencil case or a really naff sticker-book. I’m a die-hard skeuomorphicist and proud. Skeuomorphism at least helps foster memory as any idiot knows. The best way to store something in the brain is to summon a memorable image and commit it that way. But who will remember that “Game Centre” is a series of bubbles or what the difference between notepad and reminders is? And sub-menus? Ugh.

Yeah, I fell prey to the music problem. I don’t know what exactly the issue was but 1400 of my songs (about half) just refused to copy over to the new system and restoring them proved excessively long and complicated. Why the transition between old and new had to be difficult I don’t know, sufficed to say it lowered my overall opinions by a lot. Ditto the videos.

Swiping through apps is…well… just too easy. It’s no problem for the iPad to misinterpret a gesture and yank you out of what you were doing (big problem with online gaming where it translates into a rage-quit) and penalises you accordingly). And some apps just no longer seem to be accepting gestures for some weird reason. Movement of familiar buttons and no more words for commands is particularly irritating.

Of course the worst part is that I have yet to drag my iPhone through the same process. I don’t know if I have any positives about the new system because I’ve only lived with it 48 hours but I’ve seen enough frankly – I want the old system back. I note that there is STILL no option to change the default font for iBooks. There’s only one sans-serif font available (Seravek) and I’d rather all my literature were defaulted to this rather than the random fonts that seemingly get assigned.

Next technology rant – my boiler. How the hell does it work? There is no operations manual, the interface is bewildering and non-intuitive and although “manual override” is always a simple affair, I’d rather operate a programme so it switches on automatically etc.

Outlook 2013 – why are certain menus not included when you impose a blanket view change such as sent items and delete? And where are the options to amend those menus? I don’t want Segoe, I’m already beginning to regard that font the same way Joey regards Comic Sans…

My Xbox crashed for the first time at the weekend – thank heaven for suitable save points liberally dotted throughout games. One of the dramas with the Wii was that save points were often manual affairs and if the console crashed (which it seemed to, sometimes with reckless abandon during certain games), you would have to backtrack for ages. Let’s not mention the infamous level of Scarface: The World is Yours…

I know it’s been a while since my last blog entry – it’s all the fault of Batman: Arkham Asylum (and other stuff). But now that I’ve finished it, I feel another review coming on.