It seems harder and harder to make time to add entries to this blog. With work dominating more of my brain space and social activities picking up now that summer is waning, a fair amount of stuff is sacrificed for duty AND pleasure. I’d apologise but there are so many apologies flying around these days for all sorts of infractions; perceived and actual. I’m not sure they have meaning any more.

In catching up with things going on, let’s see – we won last weeks quiz and came third this week (enjoyed the chocolate pudding on the menu), Risk Legacy starts up again tonight, been playing a fair amount of Xbox (finished Banjo Tooie and the Force Unleashed on a harder setting) and a hair away from completing NSMB2 on the 3DS. Have completely failed in my quest to find locals (well, ones that I want to try and integrate into my life) to hang out with etc. Though my methodologies have been utterly pathetic, I must concede.

We’re off go-karting at the weekend in Thurrock (Lakeside) as part of our quiz prize from last season: Joey, Alex, David T and myself. Whether we’ll dress up in Mario costumes and throw banana skins at each other or not remains to be seen. Should be fun – and it comes after being able to sleep in an extra hour thanks to Fall Back.

I’m off to Brussels again on Friday for a day chock full of meetings. On the first train out and on the last train back. At least I booked myself into Standard Premier again for the return leg so I can feel knackered in a larger seat whilst playing Robot Unicorn Attack on my iPad. And speaking of the iPad, I’m tempted by the iPad Air as unveiled last night. For a while, because of the Brussels thing and other travels through work (mostly), having a 3G/4G model rather than a wi-fi only model would be handy although there’s the monthly charge to consider, of course. And I said that I’d wait to see what the fifth iteration of the iPad would look like before making a decision; think I’m sold and the 128GB memory would come in handy for filling it full of yet more books!

Oh – Saturday was particularly irritating when the oven went on the fritz. I’d painstakingly prepared a meal (for one, of course) and bunged it in the oven. 45 minutes later when everything was supposed to be done, it was all stone cold and no heat was coming from the oven despite the fan going which had led me to think there were no issues. Checked everything – in so far as my knowledge of catering appliances go and couldn’t find any issues except there was no smell of gas when the oven was switched on but the hob works fine. The cooker is an older model (couldn’t find it on the interwebs so it must be over ten years) so I think it can go the way of the dodo.

At least it saves on cleaning it. See, glass half full.