Walking past Random House offices, I see an advert telling people that the new Bridget Jones is due soon. “Who the f*** cares?” Nobody wants to see that giant anteater on screen again (unless she’s starring in a live action version of the Ant and the Aardvark from Pink Panther)

So yesterday morning, I get to Kings Cross St Pancras tube station about an hour later than normal as there were getting up issues to contend with. Wasn’t my fault; woke up suddenly at 3.30am and remained lucid for at least an hour and a half. Of course having Scruff “woofing” in the background didn’t help. Anyhoo, I happened to see Nick S coming up the stairs and so I called his name given his diminished vision and we had a quick catch-up. Think he was running late for work too. Made me even later for work but fortunately, giving a vrelt’s ass isn’t a consideration at the moment.

This morning at King’s Cross, a slight issue on the Northern Line somehow meant Kings Cross was practically shut. Of some 30 gates, only 1 was allowing people down the escalators. London’s biggest interchange with multiple lines and the bozos in blue and orange hyper-react. Nice going, jerk-offs.

Angry much? You bet.

It was pointed out earlier this week that in my division (of 20 people), I’m the only person who doesn’t wear glasses or contacts. Just sayin’.

Wednesday night I met up Chris – the board game organiser now living in east London. He was there at Xian’s birthday party a few months ago but I don’t recall him. I do recall getting drunk though so it’s quite possible I missed him. We drank, chatted, got interrupted by waiting staff constantly…good evening tho’.

Last night I went home, had a dinner of leftovers and half prepared a lasagne for tonight. What I didn’t really factor in is that the new oven dish I have is about 33% larger than my other dish and my normal recipe just isn’t substantive enough. Whoops! Next time I use it, I’m cooking identical bolognaise in two saucepans – or perhaps differing ingredients for a far more…robust culinary experience.

Been playing Pirates on the iPad the last couple days. No particular reason, just stretching out the mileage on the game. I was thinking how it could be improved like taking over Pirate Nests for yourself and building up a Piratey Empire for yourself, taking on the major powers.