I’ve been in the new flat for a month now; it’s hard to believe as it feels like I only relocated yesterday and yet I’m as comfortable there as I have otherwise been in Stratford. The one thing I’m having a hard time with is, is the solitude. Brendan is only there two days a month (if that) so a lot of the time, I’m there solo which is a new experience for me. Having temporary solo time is nice – having it permanently and you open yourself to a whole new world of experiences.

Typically, I’d fire up the computer or games console and lose myself in an electronic world but I’ve been hesitant to take up this option. For one, I still don’t have the interwebs (no connectivity until Friday and Fiber Optic Broadband hits Camden from 30th) so that’s kyboshed things a little and I feel if I start gaming full time again, I won’t get out and meet new people. Have met a couple of nearby Camdenites with a few invitations to meet more over the coming weeks. And of course Mr H and Mr H are down the road.

Seems a bit ironic from a video game junkie to eschew these entertainments but I guess I’m more of a social gamer and miss that interactivity. Bring on the Mario Partying! Heh. There’s other stuff I should be sharing with the world but I’m not ready to make public declarations, not yet. However, what I have done in whacked in another Board Game afternoon on the 5th so it’ll be good to round up folks and while away the day getting increasingly drunk.

It’s been a very expensive month with the move, the new stuff and other odds and sods happening. Credit Card Bill was the highest I’ve ever seen it but to be fair, since I realised that I now get cashback on my account, I’ve been trying to max it, hoping to cash in at the end of the calendar year. There’s enough at the moment for dinner for one and three months left of the year to maybe stretch to dinner for two (which is not the infamous Black and White New Year sketch). I’ve been thinking about getting the Xbox for blimmin’ Banjo again having played a couple of levels at C & A (lulz) the other Sunday. But that’ll require a sodding interweb connection.

We’re in that period of “late summer leave” whereby those without children tend to be taking time off while the political parties have their conferences and the urgent deadlines are notably fewer in number. At the end of this week, we move to what is called “New Ways of Working” – which to the layman, means permanent hotdesking. It’s as if we’re working in bank branches. Almost nobody wants it, few are looking forward to it and yet the corporate response is to wear a huge, stupid plastic smile. I don’t care if this gets me in trouble for slagging off the organisation: there was no consultation over this, just one diktat. Ironic, considering we’re ordered to consult, consult, consult.

So for the next fortnight, our area (about 100 people) have to squat and find desks elsewhere in the building. Some are taking leave over that period, the rest of us have indicative areas to go but no guarantees of a placement. Fortunately enough, I’ll be in Brussels at the end of the second week so can avoid some of the nonsense. It’d also be a good idea to have set up some day trips visiting stakeholders & agencies but that just never happened. Ah well. I’ve got a tonne of junk to sort through either tomorrow or Friday which won’t be fun. Found a bunch of desk junk though whilst sifting through an old, dusty file box including my Mario Kart Racers. Haven’t decided what to do with them.

T’aint much else to impart at the moment folks, there’s still a lot of dust that needs to settle before going forward. No memorable purchases to share, no incredible events to share and no new games in the offing. Calm before the storm? Maybe. I have been thinking about going back to Berlin at the end of November as I did last year to enjoy the Xmas markets and all that jazz. Can’t really afford to but to hell with the cost, I’m still young and in need of fun.