This should have been posted…well – a fortnight ago. This is just indicative of how stupidly busy I’ve been lately.

We’re three for three; Yoshi’s Island won the quiz AGAIN on Tuesday night making us undefeated thus far in Season 12. Prize was San Miguel again rather than the usual Becks and for the first time in ages I picked up a few bottles. No post-pub depravity though; went straight home and got in before midnight which was something of a treat. Could have tried getting the 88 bus, just to see how it fared but didn’t feel that way inclined so it was Victoria line all the way.

It’s been a fairly video game-free week this week. With no interwebs, a lack of inclination to set up the Wii (or other game console) and half an interest in my 3DS, I’ve been catching up on my reading or rather, re-reading as I’m ploughing through the Star Trek Mirror Universe novels. Gotta love the complete inconsistencies. Whilst I’d love to try Rome Total War 2, the negative press coverage about the bugs is more than off-putting and besides, there’s no way it’ll run on my aging laptop.

Now I’m settled in, it’s time to get rid of my surplus junk once and for all so that’s plan for the next month. I suspect it’ll be really easy to get rid of my flatscreen monitor and probably my old PC as the hard drive is clean. The rest (and you know what that amount to) might take a harder sell. Which reminds me to bug Daniel.

Tonight is the second wedding/civil partnership I’m attending this year. Weather is lousy so that’ll make getting there fun and I forgot my shoes so I’ll be stepping out in my Merrells. The gift was a dip/serving dish from John Lewis, slightly different from the one I bought Stephen and Rishi but the same deal. It’s glass so it goes with everything. Except perhaps fire.

Speaking of John Lewis – EPIC FAIL last night when they failed to deliver the new washing machine Brendan ordered as the one left behind by the previous owners is on the fritz. They claimed they turned up at 8pm but the only time the doorbell rang was for his chicken pizza and we were both in all evening. I suspect – nay – ACCUSE the delivery drivers of lying. So he cancelled the order and is sending a snottogram to customer services today. Sorry JL but you brought this negative blog rant on yerselves.