It’s official, I’m no longer an e15 boy any more, I’m living in NW1. Last time I was in NW1 was when I very temporarily lived with Mark and Luigi. All settled into the new place though of course I’m without the usual amenities until I can get them hooked up.

The move itself was tough – not for emotional reasons but for some reason I had gastroenteritis. I think I know from what but the source isn’t relevant. On moving day, I was ralphing every thirty minutes, feeling lousy and still needing to unhook the last of the electricals and interwebs before I could pack them up. Couldn’t keep anything down – sip of water, quarter cup of tea – nope, de nada. Began to feel better around 6pm though and seem to have shaken off the last vestiges of it.

I am supposed to be back at work today but with me feeling terrible as well as the residuals of the move, I begged for today off (lies, I asked and my request was granted) just to get back some degree of normality. So I’m only in one day this week before the weekend but as I recall, it’s a day packed with meetings. Going to have to go in almost blind but the hell with it.

Some nine crates were filled with books. Whenever it is I leave Camden, I want to reduce that number by 25%. As you can understand, unpacking and arranging books took the most time as everything else was pretty simple after that. The Star Wars stuff goes too. I lost two wine glasses in the move – I told the removal people which boxes contained the smashables but my instructions were ignored. Sigh.

Crates are being picked up tomorrow at nine. I only hope that they are punctual as its touch and go as to arriving at work on time. And then sky is hooked up on Saturday. We think we can install a dish as although the building owner claims ownership of the external walls, there are other flats with dishes attached. Will have to get some sort of TV stand though as its currently resting on the floor.

Pressure is on now to start entertaining. That was always the plan for the Stratford flat but it never quite happened for a couple of reasons. But now…I want that to change. First thing is to set up a risk legacy group with Alex, Paul, Darren and another (haven’t decided who). Then have people over.

Right, that’s your lot – I’m scribing this up on my iPad and using iPhone 3G to do so which I dare say is seeping my usage. Might go out to Sainsburys again to get in more food. The only thing I brought with me to the new place were the bottles of booze from the cellar and the jars of German products Daniel bought last month. Got in some odds and sods but only the real basics. Also need a saucepan or two!