Had a doozy of a Civ V game last night – I was Brazil and on my continent were Sweden, France, Morocco and four City States. France slowly absorbed Morocco whilst I looked to build up my culture and tourism as much as possible in line with Brazil’s innate trait. I figured once the final Moroccan city fell, France would start to look at me (probably because I’d declared war on them early on by taking a settler which was trying to plonk itself down on a piece of land I was coveting).

Alas, I thought I had more time to deal with the French menace. What I didn’t pay close attention to was that they had made a bee-line for Gunpowder which gives them the Musketeer unit to which the best I could throw at them were Longswordmen (albeit some created through the Alhambra). What compounded it was that France have the Statue of Zeus, the Great Wall (they beat me by one turn) AND the Himeji Castle.

So they tried invading around Brasilia but I rushed a castle and a crossbowman to make short work of one invader per turn whilst my Longswordmen were used as cannon fodder, wearing down the enemy and taking out their auxiliary units (archers & trebuchet). And a Golden Age/Carnival began so Longswordmen were being churned out in all cities every two turns (we both have six cities apiece though two of mine are on a smaller continent).

Fortunately, I killed enough of their units and out produced the French to make them sue for piece, them giving me iron and horses for peace. Of course it’s just a respite before they get their second wind but I’m two turns from obtaining gunpowder myself, I have a tonne of Longswordmen on the map and a fat treasure so upgrading everyone will be a cinch. Alas old Nappy has the best hand for defence so taking even one of his cities will be a major effort – at least for now. But…I have Frigates and Privateers so a naval invasion via the back door (the city of Tours could be pretty vulnerable) is possible.

Anyway, my Civ V’ing aside – and my Rome:Total Warring (again), it’s a cooler day today here in London. The office is half full given that school holidays are in full swing and that Parliament and Europe have shut down for the summer. There’s not much left to do ahead of Tuesday as most tasks have been completed and there’s the promise of a nice, long lunch today at Giraffe on the South Bank.

Now, you may have see this article on BBC News:

For those who can’t be bothered to open the link, it’s a list of now “restricted” words for government announcements:

deliver (unless it is specific things like pizza or letters)
deploy (unless it is troops or computer software)
foster (unless in relation to the care of children)
impact (as a verb)
key (unless it unlocks something)
land (only as a verb)
progress (only as a verb)
promote (unless talking about an ad campaign)
slimming down
strengthening (unless it relation to bridges)
tackling (unless in a sporting context)

Sufficed to say, I feel stung into wanting to use them far, far more often, out of spite. Good to know in these challenging times, dedicated resource can be found to play at the Inner Party’s Newspeak Dictionary.