In the end, we didn’t get to see much of Bristol yesterday which is probably a good thing because I was severely flagging by 3pm thanks to Monday night’s storms.

The thunder began around 10pm but there was no rain, or not at least in Saint Ratford. Our unreliable Met Office indicated rain wouldn’t start until 6 or 7am so went to bed waiting for the cool air and clean smells to sweep in. At 1.30, we were woken up by the first crashes of lightning, illuminating the sky and the proceeding thunder reverberating off of one’s teeth. Vulcan indeed was working overtime to forge his bolts. And the rain came, mixed with hailstones the size of your fingernails. How do I know they were so big?

The damn things flooded the flat.

In the two minutes it took to realise that the balcony door and window was open, half the lounge was flooded, sofa and armchairs were soaked as was some recent washing. Also the side balcony door was blown off its remaining hinge letting in even more water and hail stones. Emergency stations were called and an armada of bath towels were installed to stem the tide. One good dose of adrenaline later, bed again beckoned but this time with the fan turned right up so that the white noise would help block out the noise from outside. I didn’t realise how noisy venetian blinds could be in the wind. Irksome.

The following morning, I was disappointed that there was no cool edge to the breeze and the smells of a sticky summer hadn’t been washed out into the gutter. Only had four hours sleep and was facing another trademark Halcyon-mad dash to Paddington – not the most auspicious start for a Tuesday. Getting aboard the “sweat express” to Oxford Circus was almost enough to send one over the edge.

In a nutshell, the next few hours can be described as “had meeting, ate lunch, chatted on the train”. Didn’t get back into London until after 4 so went to the Griffin early to carry on with Mario & Luigi Dream Team and enjoy liquid refreshment. We did ok at the quiz coming third overall but winning the bonus rounds four times (including one hot spot) much to the chagrin of the pub. Was kinda quiet though, mostly regulars in rather than randoms.

Best part of yesterday though was showering after I got home and feeling vaguely human again and then getting eight hours sleep. The smaller things in life are truly the best.

Six days left and still no ideas about what to do with time off. I’ve only just remembered that my travel card expires at the end of this month and with it goes my Gold Card discount for off-peak travel. Well, I don’t know where I’ll end up in a month’s time. Might be able to get Mr R to go to Thorpe Park (as he lives effectively down the road) on one day and there’s always the lure of Brighton for another day or two. Otherwise, Civ V beckons. As well as sleeping in late.