Had to hold a funeral for a friend at the weekend. My 3DS XL unexpectedly broke ‐ or perhaps not _that_ unexpectedly. Y’see, back in October. Last year, I was using my console as a light source whilst trying to swap out a light fitting. In the dark. I propped the 3DS atop a door so that I could see what I was doing and it fell to the floor from a height of two metres. Four times. This knackered the external cameras and the control button. Well, on Saturday the control button snapped off so the machine was rendered somewhat inert.

Sufficed to say, this was estimated as a ‘major repair’ and would have cost a pretty penny. I thought that I might as well pay a little more and get a brand new 3DS XL and transfer the data over. Alas, Game only had red and blue consoles in their store so I missed out on several thousand reward points and took my custom to HMV for a silver. Aesthetic is everything y’know.

So why is this so expensive? What I haven’t yet mentioned is that in a fit of pique or insanity (I haven’t decided yet), I went to John Lewis and bought a Dyson Fan. The pedestal one. So yeah…bit of a costly weekend. The Steam sale hasn’t helped as I’ve already splurged on three games and feel tempted to acquire several more, despite over‐indulging on Civ V BNW. Did I mention that I also further added to the splurging with a new 3DS game ‐ the latest Mario and Luigi one?

Yeah, spending out of control. Losing it totally. Thank ferque I have just agreed my month off work commencing 2pm on 30th July! Perhaps I can find my sanity somewhere in one of my still-to-unpack-boxes with my Star Wars Micro Machines.

Now, just to highlight the point, if anyone IS transferring data between 3DS/3DS XL consoles, you may find you ‘lose’ your data UNLESS you swap over the SD cards. At no point in the process is this actually mentioned and ferque you very much Nintendo for not stating this up front. I got quite irate when I discovered the loss of all my Streetpass data, particularly the puzzle panel pieces. Why Nintendo can’t invest in a half‐arsed cloud solution is something beyond my capacity to understand. I can’t be too upset ‐ if I can get a redemption code for Monster Hunter 3 by the end of the month, I can get a free download copy. Sweet eh?

Two Brussels trips down, later this month is Bristol and Birmingham (all the Bs). Bristol next Tuesday, Birmingham on the 29th. And to think, ten years ago, I think I only left the M25 area twice in five years. When I had one of those astrology charts plotted, one of the messages in the read out was that I won’t enjoy travelling until later in life. Thirteen years later, I think that’s very true ‐ although most of it is funded through work trips rather than personally funded trips.

Quiz last night. Was supposed to have Xian coming along (think it was a guilt trip that inspired) but he crushed my hopes and Chalmie dropped off New Super Mario Bros 2 ‐ most kind. After several weeks with severely depleted numbers, we were more or less back at full strength. Still only came second though but a strong performance in the music round helped kick ass. And I’ve an evening out with Paul on Thursday. I’m having a mental block as to where to go, just the same as I have a mental block with menu planning for Saturday.

How can someone not know what ‘bien sûr’ means? Most odd.