(That’s Polish for Enter a Brave New World)

Civ-Widows and Widowers of the world must be heaving a very loaded sigh today as Brave New World has just been released to the rest of the planet following the North American launch a few days ago. With 9 new civs and some massive overhauling of existing game concepts…those poor people are in for a rough time whilst the rest of us are ensnared playing just…one…more…turn…

Steam collapsed last night at midnight – presumably when people tried to start downloading. I gave up at 1am and went to bed, only to turn my laptop on as soon as I woke up and downloaded it. Love Fiber Optic Broadband, the programme downloaded in two minutes: awesomeballs! And I felt compelled to start a new game. KKOB has been playing a game as the Shosone so I thought I’d try one of the other new Civs. Whilst I thought about Brazil, I opted for Poland instead thinking that their Solidarity “Free Social Policy in every era” trait would be pretty kick-ass. And boy has it been.

Yeah – with the game mechanics all changed, the old G&K rules no longer apply. Pottery is no longer the first tech one generally researches (for the shrine), it’s Animal Husbandry for the trade route cos you want that caravan up and running straight away. And the difference between Liberty and Tradition is even more of a contrast depending on whether you want to be a turtle or Attila (as in gameplay, not the Civ Leader).

Unfortunately because of the random game generated, Poland ended up on a continent on a standard map the size of Australia – just about enough room for four medium-sized cities + the City State of Cape Town so I haven’t run into any neighbours yet which is a tad frustrating. Still, it’ll only be a matter of time before Astronomy is discovers and my boats can sail the seas.

Sufficed to say, I’m looking forward to two days at home this weekend trying out my latest purchase. Bugger the sun, bugger July, bugger fresh air, I have an addiction to feed, damn it. No Steam Summer Sale for me (though serves them right – BNW was one of the first Flash Sale items at 40% off; severely hacked off at that).