Yeah, Comic Book Guy. In true CBG style, I was just stung into making some narky comments and felt the urge to log onto the internet to express my disgust.

Y’see, I was asked – completely out of the blue – to review someone’s movie blog. So I read two months worth of posts (say three posts a week) on latest cinema releases. I warned the author that I can be a firm critic and that he might not want the criticism as it could come off as harsh. Clearly this was seen as a challenge so I was asked to proceed. I then said I thought the blog was weak, there were a number of issues that should be addressed and gave a few pointers.

He was duly warned.

So then the standard comment of “well everyone else liked it” was reposted. Hmmm – no “thanks for the comments” or “what did you mean here”. Naturally I said that if you can’t handle criticism, don’t ask for it. Gloves came off and insults were hurled and rather than be mature and walk away in a grand, Buffy-esque “whatever” – I threw some back. And then back again and back a third time.

Very mature Joe.

But you know what folks, remember Ferengi Rule of Acquisition 285. No good deed goes unpunished. I would offer the little git’s wordpress blog link but frankly, until he invests in a half-decent dictionary & thesaurus, it’s really not worth looking-up.

Comic-Con this weekend in Earl’s Court. Too much pleasure to be had.