As a self-professed civ-fanatic, I do like to listen to the soundtrack every now and again, chiefly from Civilization 2 as that’s the music that stuck in my head the most vividly but also the odd piece from Civ IV and Civ V. However, I’ve never actually downloaded and/or compiled a playlist so rely heavily on YouTube to listen. Well, I thought I’d listen to Elizabeth’s music (war and peace) and one of the videos is actually a montage of her and her animations.




Yeah, because my laptop isn’t a gaming laptop and therefore limited in its functionality, the default graphic options were to turn off the animations so all I would see when playing the game were a series of static images. I’ve been playing Civ V for about a year and I hadn’t actually stumbled across this option. So when I turned it off, I was happy to see leaders dancing across my screen – or at least Montezuma dances when his spies have been caught and executed.

Son of a karking murgalak.

What’s the best piece of Civ-related music? Jules Verne, of course. Should stop with the video gaming for a while; I was looking at the TVTropes page for Rise of Nations t’other day and suddenly had an itch to play…

I completed the latest Star Trek novel last night – Rise of the Federation which is set post Enterprise, post Romulan War. For any Trekkies out there, I’d advise a quick flick. It really does set the scene for what happens from the founding of the Federation to Kirk’s era including how and why the Federation is heavily influenced by Earth as opposed to Vulcan, Andor or Tellar. I like these sorts of bridging books a little more than continuing saga novels. Particularly when a little light bulb goes off inside your head. Alas I have no other new books to keep me amused so it’s back to the older ones.

So, it’s Friday at last, the weekend is here, work remains squarely within the confines of SW1 and we can all breathe a sigh of relief as June comes to an end and we see what July has in store. What does July have in store? Well, two Brussels trips, three birthdays, the beginning of my month off (?), possible trip to Nottingham, possible trip to Bristol, another Board Game afternoon, hosting of a dinner party and of course, Brave New World. With a little luck, the weather will remain on the pleasant side rather than descend into the usual despair of overcast days and rain as has been the case the past few years.

Right – it’s ice-cream time at Pat Vals. Nach später.