It’s taken over a month and there have been many, many distractions along the way but I’ve finally saved the town of Montre D’Or and completed Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. In terms of the game’s conclusion, I’d pretty much guessed the identity of the Masked Gentleman early on but as the adventure unfolded, there were so many hints being dropped that it ruined it for those who lack an imagination.

PL & MM doesn’t offer a great deal that’s new to the franchise – but then if it works, why mess with the formula? The 3D compatible sections are nice but there aren’t many of them in the game. Using the magnifying glass rather than tapping all over the screen like crazy is a lot better and a welcome improvement. This version had a great many more cut scenes and the switching between the past and the present was a nice touch. What it meant was that the game was a little more linear without appearing so therefore it was easier to find all the hidden puzzles, coins and bonus objects.

The puzzles themselves are beginning to get a little stale but with the first four titles in the series hogging many of the “classic” logic and number problems, Professor Layton VI really needs to branch out if the franchise is to be maintained and extend into other problem solving areas. Crosswords for example, Sudoku or Picross.

In terms of the bonus games, the Rabbit trainer really does play like a stripped down version of Nintendogs (subtle marketing plot?) whilst the shop game and the robot games are simple enough to help unlock the bonus content at the end of the game. They’re a lot simpler than the last game. It took me just over 18 hours to complete the game including the bonus games – which was about three hours too long and the ending was just dragged out and out.

Still, the bulk of PL & MM is worth the effort and it quite rewarding. The ending of the game also points to something much bigger in the next adventure; here’s hoping that it lives up to expectations.

What’s next? Watch this space…