One of the sillier things from last week was the fact that I purchased the blu-ray copies of Archer Season 2 and the Dark Knight Returns part 2 early in the week and lugged them to and from work Tuesday through Friday. It’s not that hard to remember to take the damn things out and yet…

I’d been waiting for part 2 of DKR for months now as the first half was a fantastic adaptation of the 1986 classic, right down to the iconic individual comic book frames and news reports. Part 2 was every bit as good as the first part – they picked a good voice actor for the Joker though of course, Mark Hamill would have been aces in my book. And the final battle between Superman and Batman was a little more even matched than the stomp battle depicted in the comic book. Still, I really would like to see DKR2 adapted for the small screen. And if I win the Euromillions jackpot on Friday, I vow to make it happen (bought five tickets).

And thankee to everyone who thumbed-up the last post about Berlin’s Computer Game museum. Sometimes the best things in life don’t happen by design but by random chance and fortuitousness. To my knowledge, there is a Retro Game Museum in the UK but it’s been sited in several places, last known in Leicester. Funny; I might have lived in Nottingham for eight years but I never, ever went to Leicester. Perhaps it’s time to change that.

On the theme of games, I have been sucking up the iPad purchases lately. First was Mini Ninjas which was a Starbucks Freebie (I needed a Frappuccino and the Coffee one is the lightest in calories) whilst the second was Robot Unicorn Attack 2 – you know, for the colours and the corny soundtracks. And yesterday I snaffled He-Man after seeing it on Wikipedia which is just as camp as the 80s cartoon it’s based on (rather than the recent update). He-Man plays just like a Megadrive (or Genesis for my US readers) game albeit with sexier graphics. I assume they couldn’t get the licence for the original music which is a shame as that is the only thing missing from such a fun “sword-n-run” app. And I’ve found my mojo! Zoo Keeper Battle – finally getting back within the top 50,000.

There hasn’t been much in the diary to report. Went to Ceajay & Alex’s housewarming on Saturday and got drunk though not appallingly so. Left at 1.30 and eventually came crashing in through the front door at 4.10am. How it took 2½ hours to get home I just don’t know but it did and there we are. I did buy some of the new Crabbies flavours – they’ve expanded their ginger beer range into Raspberry & Strawberry and Lime. They taste like liquid Refreshers and I can see them being utterly lethal. Strawberry and Ginger doesn’t sound like it goes together but actually, strawberries atop a cheesecake made with a ginger biscuit base is very not bad. So yeah.

On Sunday I went with Brendan to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness. To borrow a phrase from Garik “Face” Loran, there were plot holes in that film so wide that one could pilot a Death Star through them. It was held back by sloppy, lazy writing: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman & Damon Lindelhof should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for putting together such a weak story. It kinda robbed the joy out of the film. I must admit though, my views could be coloured by the douchebags kicking the back of my seat in the cinema. They claimed it was accidental but I still felt like crushing their skulls in my hand à la Khan.

Hmm, this weekend is Xian’s birthday. Once again he wants a picnic in the park and once again, rain is forecast. The boy has zero luck when it comes to his birthday despite being in the middle of June. It has wazzed it down every year as long as I’ve known him. Haven’t decided on a gift as yet; he has exacting requirements these days and I did the chocolate thing last year. Hard liquor is always welcome though, albeit a cliché; will consider other options.

And the rolling stone gathers no moss. Despite pleading and threats, I may be moving house again in three months time. Watch this space for further whining.