Not a bad little weekend in Chateau Channelsea (haven’t decided on a new moniker for the flat yet so this may change), all things considered. Finally got the wardrobe erected so the rest of my room could finally come together. I was moaned at on Friday asking when I’d get all my stuff out of the lounge. I retorted that between January 2012 and September 2012, my lounge was a no-go area thanks to somebody’s mass of junk stocked into it. Score one for Straw. Anyway, aside from one box full of the last of the unorganised PC games and the Donkey Kong Bongos (yes N64 fans, I still have four sets), I’m unpacked and sorted out.

I finally was able to make time to have a quick play of the games I purchased in the May Fourth Star Wars Sale, mostly Jedi Academy but a little Empire at War also. If Disney & EA want to win a Hearts and Minds offensive, they wouldn’t go far wrong with a new Kyle Katarn-themed Star Wars game. Also got in a quick game of Civ V (as France, won a cultural victory) and started a second one as Babylon.

Anyway, had the place to myself on the Friday – not that I did much with it as I went out for a massage and then was saturated by the afternoon rain. Not that I had any particular plans for Friday beyond hunting for a suit but as I was still coated in oils, didn’t think it the most opportune time. Still, the rub-down was pretty good though my hay-fever kicked in half way through and couldn’t breathe thanks to clogged nostrils. I did see a copy of Blockbusters in the Oxfam on Dalston High Street but couldn’t make myself buy it; would have needed to inspect it closely to ensure all the bits were there and then get it home in the middle of a downpour.

Saturday was Stephen H’s birthday so I had to go out and sort that out. The card had already been taken care of earlier that week but needed to get a gift. Opted for two bottles of Schnapps – Chocolate and Coulis (wanted Kiwi rather than Coulis but alas Gerry’s were out). After swinging by Forbidden Planet, I went in and treated myself to the 10th Anniversary edition of “Bang!” which is a card game Joey introduced us to at a games afternoon. It’s not a bad little game though I was somewhat…intoxicated when I learned how to play it. Walked up Tottenham Court Road and made my way to Munster Square.

I was cruelly denied a lie-in on Sunday morning as the Doctor went on a cleaning binge starting around 8.30. Whilst I know it’s therapeutic, there’s also a limit to how much you want to hear clattering around the flat when you’re mildly hungover on a Sunday morning. Finally dragged my carcass out of bed an hour later, had a quick breakfast, watched an episode of the Golden Girls on some obscure satellite channel and began the process of wardrobe sorting.

Monday was a nicer day all round though the screeching of the wind through the flats (do architects not think about this when designing) was irritating. It served its purpose though and I headed over to Westfield to get a wedding gift for S & R for Saturday, to get some coat hangars for the wardrobe (I had decided to leave them all behind) and a new hair clipper set just because. For a brief moment, I was tempted to go and watch Star Trek: Into Darkness at the Vue but as I had two large, hefty bags with me, thought better of that notion and went home for ice-cream instead. Still don’t have clothes but I figure with a reasonably empty calendar this week, there’s plenty of time to go out and sort that out properly. Famous last words?

Somewhat ravenous today but I didn’t get a full night’s sleep. At 4.50, one of those adhesive coat hooks I have on my wardrobe fell off taking the jacket and hat with it. The adrenaline surged through my veins at full pelt so took a while to calm down before I dropped off again. AFAIK, it’s only a picture falling off the wall which signifies an imminent death. And woke up twice more before the alarm screamed awake. Thing is, when you’ve been playing video games, naturally your brain goes to plan out strategy and you remain awake longer. The less said about “Tetris Dreams”, the better.

So that’s me, all caught up in the blog. Still slowly grinding through Layton, currently resisting any more iBook purchases until next month, ploughing my way through Zoo Keeper Versus (nearly at 1000ZP). Kinda sorry to say that June is looking empty but I think it’s the perfect time to get another board game afternoon in the diary. And maybe think about Dublin. C’est tout, pour maintenant.