Friday’s post – four days late…tchoh.

Tired today – another evening of packing completed and I’m pleased to report that the overwhelming bulk of my possessions have been transferred over to crates and boxes. I still have two large boxes to fill (probably with my Star Wars toy stash which will be appearing on eBay at some point) which I can do this evening and the rest is stuff that can be carried loose and the furniture. Tonight is my ultimate night Casa Trevelyan, not ashamed to admit that I was forced to break last night to reflect on thirteen years.

Whilst I was packing, I finally got around to watching Prometheus (the 2012 film) on Sky. I can’t see what all the fuss was about. I thought it a tedious, boring film which lacked any sparkle. The story felt like one being told by a drunken bore in the pub – you just couldn’t wait for it to be over so you can get on with doing something else. And I understand Noomi Rapace is this decade’s hot young thing but she needs to work with her British accent coach. Actually, so does Guy Pearce for that matter.

Looking ahead, as I mentioned in an earlier post this week I haven’t done much forward planning. Next weekend is Brenda’s Official Birthday and I’m opting for the Friday as my privilege day. I’d rather have two four-day weeks rather than a five and a three day week. And with the Doctor away in Germany for a wedding I’ll have the flat to myself though I still need to find a frock.

As part of the social calendar, there’s not much filling up for June either. Xian, Daniel & Paul have birthdays, there’s the wedding in a fortnight and that’s about it. Nothing particularly exciting is happening at work – perhaps this is the ideal time to slip out of the country for a weekend and even a random weekday or two off.

Oh – civfanatics pointed me in the direction of an interview with Sid Meier on Eurogamer. I didn’t catch the name of the journalist conducting the interview *checks* Christian Donlan. What a snide, condescending bar-stitch. The interview itself was informative if not a little biographical but his appalling style really smacked of ego. Again I’m with Magda on this one “Journos with egos, I don’t like ‘em. It’s bad enough you have you have to read the crap without having to look at a picture of the bastard wot wrote it”.