Shameless plug – if you get chance to read this fortnights edition of Private Eye, turn to the alternative Queen’s Speech à la Helen Mirren. Hilarious.

So, on Wednesday night I filled another four refuse sacks with DVD, Wii and Gamecube cases as my Star Trek collection and later Nintendo games were consigned to the new carry cases. There’s no way it’ll fit into the recycling bin outside the house so there’s a small mountain growing in the space between wall and house. All the game instruction manuals fit neatly into a shoebox, fortunately enough. It was incredible to discover just how many of these games I’ve not actually made time to play…ever. Some were still in their cellophane wrappings.

My only hope this evening is that after the tenancy agreement signing ceremony (or whatever the hell is going on when I’ve decreed I’m not going to be there), Mr C doesn’t elect to loiter and paint. I’ve stated in no uncertain terms that I don’t want him hanging around (having come up with a suitable story) and I don’t want another evening with the smell of fresh paint in the air. I am all but convinced that inhaling old paint flakes and the odour of new paint has been contributing towards a general feeling of ill health this past week.

Something I’ve been getting back into is Zoo Keeper Battle. Ever since they overhauled the entire game adding more rewards, prizes and the like, it’s been able to hold my attention more successfully. I’ve still lost my mojo – or rather the rest of the planet has been able to improve their skills. The best time for me to play is either first thing in the morning or at lunchtime as I’m competing against what I’m guessing are other Europeans who tend not to be as good as the Japanese or Americans. There are more Power Bottles awarded as prizes (as well as prizes for logging in) which enables more people to play for longer keeping the game going. If I had to re-review the game, I’d award it a higher score for the new features.

Whilst you the reader cannot see it, I’ve actually been staring at the cursor on the screen for the last ten minutes blinking on and off. No, I’m not high, just hit a wall in writing – I want this blog entry to stretch to more than a single page and my brain is running on empty. Actually, it’s more like the episode of American Dad I watched last night where Stan and Roger are trying to capture Jeff to turn him in for a bounty and they’re in the convenience store having inhaled the contents of a burning barn full of Mary Jane.

Stephen R told me to plan a holiday about an hour ago with my recent ill-gotten gains. I responded that as the next three weeks are monstrously busy, I just can’t think beyond them to do any planning; move, unpacking, wedding. And somewhere in the mix will be another Brussels trip, possibly a Swansea excursion – I just don’t know. In a perverse way, I’m glad I passed on the Falconry & Book of Mormon prizes from the Griffin quiz. It’s another day/evening of my time I don’t want to lose.

Oh – I’ve had an offer for my laptop. Think I shall back it up, wipe the memory and use the cash to get a new one. I’m hoping to get a faster laptop to handle Civ V and the rest of my Steam library.