May 1st and it still feels most unlike Spring. People talk about the year without a summer almost 200 years ago thanks to a bunch of volcanoes spewing great clouds of dust into the atmosphere. Well, this feels like the year without a spring. Climatic variances; who’d have ‘em? Though as I write, there’s no cloud in the sky and the sun is shining brilliantly. But the overall temperature feels decidedly cool. Eeee, when I were back at Stalag Woodhouse, this’d be the time of year when we’d be sweltering in the early summer heat, eating ice-cream on the cricket lawns (avoiding the angry prefects) and staying out until all hours. Global Warming my arse.

Still haven’t gotten around to a note or three about Berlin. Sorry.

I also feel like bitching about hay-fever. Never really suffered from it until this year when the full force of symptoms hit. The itchy eyes are the worse. I look like Tony Todd in the episode of Deep Space Nine “The Visitor” where he’s blubbering all the way through it. Some fans reckon that the best episode of DS9; I find it one of the worst purely for the tears and the snot. Still, the anti-histamines are doing their job for the most part which I shall be grateful.

Last night’s quiz was not a happy time for Joe. Nuff said.

Ah yes, I finally dragged Resident Evil Revelations out of my 3DS and slotted in Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. It’s like a more irritating version of Professor Layton with an annoying rabbit popping up throughout the game. Puzzles are not dissimilar to a Phoenix Wright game with a fair amount of point n click going on. Not loving it but want to continue nonetheless. Oh, think I _have_ lost two 3DS games though; Kid Icarus and Lego Batman 2. I think they were both in my wallet and fell out somewhere. It’s not impossible they’re somewhere in the house but having searched all of the usual places and some of the unusual ones, I might have to signal Last Post.

Had two salads yesterday and will have another one for lunch today. Feeling smug.

With the pending move, I’m having to come to terms with the fact that continuous ownership of the various items in my possession just isn’t sustainable. As I’ve said many times before, when I moved back to London, it was more or less with the shirt on my back and an armful of debt. And in the last thirteen years, I’ve grubbed my way up from nearly nothing to having…well…something. So being forced to get rid of items which admittedly have little practical value but more representative value is not an easy proposition. Each thing is a reminder of a success – or a vanity. Possessions might be fleeting but I don’t follow the three noble truths.

Sufficed to say, I’m going to have to dig out the “Pride’s Purge” list I made up seven years ago for such a contingency (yes, I’m that anally retentive) and go through it. Two shelves worth of books have been pulled off of the cases and I’ve earmarked my magazine collections and Star Wars items (for the most part) down for sale on eBay or similar. I’ll downsize DVDs and games by shoving them into wallets compressing into a smaller space whilst kitchen items and lounge items will be weeded through. Won’t be easy though and now that May is here, it’s gotta be done.

Civ V – can’t believe I spent half a game sucking up to England and Japan hoping for protection from Spain when they crumbled faster than a sandcastle during a storm.

There aren’t many birthday’s to look forward to this month, I’m light on Taurean and Gemini friends. Joey has his 31st at the weekend in the Griffin which’ll be a board game orgy of sorts. It’ll be light on the pocket if nowt else. Ooh, also we’ve just been paid. This is our first pay packet of the new financial year which means we benefit from changes to the tax code changes. Alas, this year’s pension rises have completely swallowed up the net benefit.

Hmmm, can’t think of anything else to report at the moment. It’s been a fairly uneventful week…