Friday evening – what the hell happened on Friday evening? Clearly it was a very good one because my recollection is near zero. Actually, I think I got home earlier than normal. Ah yes, it’s all coming back to me. Something I have now learned is that you shouldn’t read the Tear Jerker pages on tvtropes before you go home because you don’t quite look your best. And then you shouldn’t listen to maudlin sounding music because that only exasperates the feelings experienced. I’m grateful to the heavy rain on Friday evening – the water on my face didn’t all come from the heavens.

So because of the incessant rain that evening, I was compelled to cut short my evening walk as I didn’t have any protection from the elements and it was that nasty rain which feels like an angel left the power-shower running. But having arrived back at Stratford by just after 7, I went to Westfield on the great Board Game hunt. WH Smiths was a bust, John Lewis had what I wanted but I’d seen cheaper elsewhere whilst the Entertainer (toy shop) retailed a board game for £10 which I’d not seen before – Bezzerizzer. So I snapped that up and headed over to Argos. Irritatingly they were out of stock for both Pointless and Cranium Wow so I went home with one game, fully intending to try again Saturday.

Went to bed early that night so I could look vaguely acceptable in the morning but because last week was five days of six-hour sleeps, woke up at 6 and dozed the next couple of hours before I dragged myself up. Thought long and hard about what games to bring to the evening and decided on Articulate Your Life, Scattergories, Rapidough and Bezzerwizzer. Had forgotten to borrow Trivial Pursuit (regular) and I didn’t feel like bringing AoM or Taboo. However, I swung by the other WH Smiths in Stratford and bought Pointless from there as they did have it in stock.

Arrived at the pub at dead on 12 – thought the hunt for another board game might have taken longer and so the day’s drinking began at 12.05. Brendan (not the Saffa, the Australian) turned up around 12.15 and we had lunch; he tried the Griffin Burger, my choice was Eggs Benedict which narrowly beat out the Scrambled Eggs with Jalapenos. Was very not bad – kudos on the new brunch menu. The rest of the gang slowly arrived between 12 & 2 and we had a quorum so began the board games with Articulate.

Other people turned up over the afternoon – Stuart bought an armful of games of the more table-top variety (by that I mean more “hardcore”) and so some people broke off into one group whilst the rest of us stuck with the more party games. Christian and Stephen were supposed to bring Settlers of Catan but alas they didn’t appear so we missed out on that one. It’s just too bad that there was a party going on upstairs in the pub otherwise we could have used the Ruby Lounge.

As the day wore on, I think I racked up at least 12 bottles of Kopparberg and Hoopers – we had a very successful Hat Game (well two) and managed to play each of the other games at least once. The Bezzerizzer game was disappointing as it’s an American game so there are some references that you just won’t get being a Brit (or pretty much any European for that matter). It was a good concept however and one can hope that Mattel bring out a regionalised version (hell, we could write our own questions).

Getting home was a right faff – another bloody person under a train meant the Victoria Line was halted for what seemed like forever. Eventually caved and dragged my tired and aching body to the District Line. And the fun didn’t stop there; when I got home, I noticed the little black cat looking out of the window: IN MY FRIGGING ROOM. Bitch ran out before I could have gotten hold of her but the next time I see her, she’s one dead cat. That’s it, out of nine lives. You know, May 4th can’t come soon enough.

Anyway, had a nice lie-in on Sunday but there was no way I could go round to the Doctor’s for lunch as I was officially “bleurgh”. Weather was really pleasant though, best day of the year thus far and I felt confident enough to leave doors and windows open without fear of shivering. Rather than resuming the three games of Civ V I have on the go, I started a new one as Dido; actually, two but the first one was a huge bust being wedged in three ways so began a second one. The plan was to try out some “tall” strategies but ended up slipping into my standard tactics. However, this was chiefly due to the fact that I played on an Earth map where there are huge chunks of the Earth to inhabit which only have marginal production (Siberia for example).

Dinner was good but I felt completely stuffed by it all so had no room for cheesecake dessert and lay prostrate on the couch for the next hour watching Crash on Film4. It’s a bit too obvious a film for my tastes but considering the primary audience, it has to be. Then again, I can really abhor subtlety which is more obfuscating for its own good. During the evening, we both realised we’d run out of time – a decision about the living situation had to be made. Once again, I just couldn’t bring myself to say with any sort of authority or certainty what I wanted to do. This decision is just too hard to make – I dunno why. Have tried examining it from all angles but the right choice has yet to chime with me.

When I got home, I played a little more Civ – just to get my mind off the problem at hand but it was bouncing around my skull inbetween turns. At least I was able to crush the Polynesians whilst playing. Why does a decision have to be made now? The only real reason is that after today, I/we are obligated for another month’s worth of rent. Eventually I made a choice, typed it, sent it and am waiting for the consequences…