A cornucopia of three very late nights, parties and video gaming was the first weekend of April 2013. And it was all very satisfactory indeed – finally finished Resident Evil Revelations!

So rewinding a little to Friday; it was another strike day here in the civil service, this time over the matter of pay. I say strike-day but it’s more accurate to say a strike half-day as we were encouraged to walk out during the afternoon. Once again I scabbed it – I know, hardly supporting my fellow worker. I thought about going out, not least as I fancied having only a half day but as Berlin is rapidly approaching, the loss of half a day’s pay would be felt keenly.

After work was the usual walk and with my lunchtime and enforced walk that morning thanks to a Central Line suicide, I clocked up twelve miles. Felt really knackered by the time I got home and although I intended to finish my Civ V game as Askia, I got on the couch and pretty much remained prostate for four hours. But I did pick up the 3DS and worked through levels 10 & 11 of RE: Revelations. Oh – and caught Have I Got News For You, you can just make out myself and Joey (but not Jad or Robyn). The editing of the show was interesting considering we saw the taping in completely a different order.

Ah Saturday. Get up, pop on the coffee machine, try and work out if it’s worth having breakfast or just go straight to lunch, turn on the PC, push around the Dyson, play Civ, resist sweets and chocolate in the desk drawer. It’s a hard life, dontcha know. Rather than resume the aforementioned Askia game, I started a new one as the Koreans. How one is expected to sink an Ironclad with a Turtle ship I don’t know; the computer almost never builds Ironclads. I suppose you could gift one to a city state and then immediately declare war, get the achievement and then reverse the game flow. Who’d have thought the Steam boys were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans?

That evening was James G’s 30th birthday so I made my way to Westfield to pick up some booze from Waitrose and swung by John Lewis, buying some Granite Place mats and coasters (for someone else) in the process which meant I was lugging those around as well as the ciders/alcoholic ginger beers in my bag. Getting to Deptford was a nightmare because the DLR just seemed to be in a right mood Saturday evening. Change here, change there, change somewhere else; only hindsight is ever twenty-twenty but I’d have saved a lot of aggro by just getting the Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf and switching there.

Got to the party, got drunk – Joey got drunker, Alex was plastered whilst Ceajay seemed remarkably ok. Need to brush up on small-talk; need to keep an eye on what people are doing so they can be interrogated successfully. People began passing out around 1am so I went home, getting on a rammed 25 (I could have waited another three minutes for an N8 but didn’t want to chance it). Read almost an entire book from start to finish on my iPhone during the journey so felt compelled to buy another book but this time, it was something new rather than a replacement.

Can’t believe I woke up after only five hours sleep on Sunday but then I blinked and two hours had vanished. Would have blinked again but that really would have messed up Sunday evening. Wasn’t fragile – only beer makes me fragile, cider & Crabbies makes me tired. Slithered down stairs to have brunch and resume my Civ V Korea game (won on Diplomatic Victory) having gobbled up Ethiopia and Sweden who were sharing my continent whilst the Turks polished off Babylon and most of America with the Greeks getting a couple of smaller consolation prizes.

What happened after that? Well, that was around 4.30 that victory was declared and I prevaricated over whether to go out or not to Westfield. Although the shops shut at 6 on a Sunday, I still have to get down there and source the goods I wish to buy, specifically a new board game and…something for the quiz on Tuesday. I dunno what board game to add to the collection. There aren’t many “party” games left out there to buy; Cranium is at the top of my list but I like the idea of getting Pointless or even Brain Training. Well, that’s this week’s task.

So I dithered, got annoyed that my new purchase of Age of Empires 2 HD was stalled by playing Civ V bloody thing) so downloaded that and played a little more Resident Evil. Then launched into AoE 2.

I only played one level as the Aztecs before I got bored – whilst the graphics have been rendered into HD, the game plays quite slowly with something of a lag. I guess we’ve all been spoiled by AoM, AoE 3 & AoE online with its ability to queue researching and immediate notification of idle villagers. Still, I’ll go back to it, play a few skirmish maps, play the campaigns and curse a fair amount. Watched a little ST:TNG, played the “Wonders of the World” scenario, more RE: Revelations and bed. All in all, a nice and selfish weekend which was just what the doctor ordered.

Finished Resident Evil Revelations on the tube in this morning. That end of game boss – what a bitch. If you don’t master dodging, forget it!