(From Friday 15th)

To repeat what has become 2013’s oft repeated mantra/cliché, it’s been another busy week which mercifully, is almost over. With next Tuesday’s Working Group meeting to be held in Brussels, everything is picking up ahead of that. Everyone suddenly has an opinion to air and there’s a million salient and spurious points to sort into a coherent narrative. And as there’s been a period of uncertainty, I cannot stay at my usual hotel but have had to pick some minimalist hotel (to which the jokers running it think that £118 is a fair rate) but in the centre of the city rather in the Louisa district.

And it’s been a fairly quiet week in terms of social stuff so I’ve been able to do a fair amount of walking; Tuesday was the shortest walk and that was six miles over the 24 hour period whilst last night was a twelve-mile slog. I guess now that several mates have had their birthdays over and done with, we’re in a period of lull, possibly all the way up until Easter. I don’t mind the lull too much as it gives my bank balance a rest. Though fingers crossed, things start to pick up next week.

Disaster this morning – my beetroot-heavy salad sprang a leak in my bag, turning the bottom purple. I’ve managed to sop out all the juice but it’s convinced me never to carry home prepared meals in a rucksack every again. Ready meals like supermarket lasagne is fine – that’s sealed away but Tupperware just isn’t up to the job. Sithspawn. Speaking of bags, that was my long awaited birthday gift from the good Doctor, a denim Superdry rucksack which was…somewhat expensive. Ordinarily I’d rush to empty my bag and shove everything in the new bag but given the amount of abuse, wear and tear I put my luggage through, I hesitate to do that to this. So it’ll have to be an accessory-type bag rather than a daily thing.

Gaming – still playing Resident Evil Revelations but this week was spent playing the sub-game rather than the main mission. Managed to sneak in a quick game of Star Trek Conquests trying a new tactic with the Federation. Still won the game but it wasn’t quite the speed victory I was hoping for. I think that I’ve peaked with the game records; it isn’t possible to complete the game any faster.

(Truncated entry: just a lack of time to do owt)