(This is the post that should have come before the Jem’Hadar named entry.)

Workmen – what a bunch of flucktards (minus the l). Why do they have to start tearing up the road outside my window at 6.30am? And who the hell are they working for? If it’s Newham Borough Council, I’m going to personally stuff Sir Robin Wales into a trash compactor. There’s no clue to what went on yesterday morning but I don’t think anyone on the street appreciated the pneumatic wake up call.

It wasn’t exactly how I wanted to greet an unseasonably warm Tuesday, but short of going back in time and erecting barricades at either end of the street, there wasn’t anything I could do about it. It was another tough day yesterday, mostly churning things over in the head. Lunchtime’s walk provided little salvation as the world and his wife were out and about with their offspring soaking up the rays. I think kids must really be bored as the Tube was packed out this morning with anxious parents struggling to maintain control over their rambunctious offspring.

Now when I were a lad (there were only one loaf for me…) living in Chelsea Barracks, we got dropped off at the Sussex Street Centre which was an enclosed play area, quite large for central London where we were often taken during Spring, Summer and Autumn when parents had to go out and work. There were the usual arts, crafts, drama, stories and of course cool playground equipment to fall off of. Why aren’t there more spaces like that?

And in Germany, each housing estate had its own park, sometimes two or three in different bits. The one in Kinderhaus in particular stood out in my memory (mostly for the sandpits and the UK/US segregationalism) but they were the sorts of areas which you could happily mess around in all day and never get tired or bored. This is why housing needs to go more vertical – all the land you don’t build on can become green space for everyone to enjoy and give children the chance to run themselves ragged.

However, my putting the country to rights aside, let’s move swiftly on to the quiz. For the first time in a while, we won or rather Yoshi’s Island won. Both Joey and Ceajay ended up on KKST because of the way we ended up sitting whilst the two David’s ended up on YI. I had another bout of disconnect at the beginning but three Pear Kopparburgs soon but that right. Can’t explain why though the argument I was having in my head had something to do with it – it was a rehearsal over what might/might not be happening for Mother’s Day. I wanted to marshal my thoughts before launching into my tirade.

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Right, that’s as far as I’d gotten. Now it’s Monday, I’m going to carry on with a little news commentary.

Cardinal Bigot felt compelled to resign today. Gotta love the church and all its pious hypocrisy. It’s no wonder the Greek Orthodox want to have very little to do with the Vatican. One wonders why people like Edward Leigh and Ann Widdecombe felt the urge to convert to Catholicism. But then I think “I don’t actually care”, and have another cookie. Small comfort but at least he was apparently feeling up men rather than little boys. Of course we don’t know the full story but if true, there’s a question on how much more scandal the public can tolerate.

And in other news, I read in a small story on the Beeb that the Daily Swastika submitted an FOI request to see how many times porn was accessed at Parliament and the result was…quite a large one. But I dare say the results were completely misleading as I don’t think that there’s a break down between individual access requests and say a page refreshing/updating itself. Naturally the chair of the Taxpayer’s Alliance got his £0.00½ in; who appointed these clowns to speak on “our” behalf anyway. Just like Stonewall, self-appointed guardians of a group/subset of society which isn’t lacking a voice and yet they feel compelled to steal our noise. One question does remain though – how much does the Taxpayer’s Alliance cost taxpayers through use prolific FOI requests? The public must be told!

Oh – had a Star Trek Conquest Orgy last night. Played two games back to back as the Cardies and the Klingons. That’s it – no more blimmin’ Trek! I don’t know why I keep digging it out and coming back to it considering the size of my game collection. Perhaps because I enjoy blowing up other ships in high-octane action (except on the Ceti Alpha Map where everything slows to a crawl). Oooh – and one more puzzle and I’ve finished the second Picross game on the 3DS. I really enjoyed the Micross puzzles. These are paintings where you have to uncover the picture a little at a time in a grid of up to 64 separate Picross puzzles.

Gotta find the 3D version for the DS again. Like.