I’m really pleased that my blog attracts so many lovely comments, particularly from pornography websites. Really, inbetween bouts of no-holds barred nookie to sex of a degrading nature, I’m pleased that everyone involved has time to catch up with my life, video game commentary and the sporadic bit of alternative history. Kudos to you all, whether you suit up or bareback.

Somewhere on another PC is half a blog entry which should have been posted towards the end of last week but as that hasn’t happened, it’ll keep until Monday/Tuesday. Can’t believe I only have six days left of being thirty-three years old. Where does the time go. This time next year, I dare say I’ll be complaining about being middle aged (if you take the whole three-score and ten argument). Ah well, s’not that critical in the grand scheme of the universe.

Right: what did I have to tell y’all this week? I don’t think I have any idea so let’s start with a catch up from Friday. Actually, this weekend is the first lengthy break I’ve had in ages. Went to Ceajay’s on Thursday evening for a Games Night and we ended up playing some Wii U and Settlers of Catan. I think this was the first time I actually tried a Wii U (actually, I know full well it was – why I had to lessen that sentence? Dunno). We only tried a couple of chasing-type games so I had no idea as to the full range or extent of the console’s abilities but the graphics looked much better now that its joined the HD fraternity. As to the rest, that remains to be seen, of course.

Friday was a quiet day at work though I still had to nail down that Number Plate Submission. Sufficed to say folks, we wish to “tighten the existing regime” and leave it at that. However, the sick thing about it all is that each and every time I leave the house and walk down the road, I’m constantly checking car registration plates to see if they’re legal. I spotted four illegal ones on Gurney Road alone (incorrect font, bolts obscuring text and broken plates) before I caught myself and stopped.

Managed to get in a ten mile walk however to make up for the lazy day that was Thursday and I was really quite happy and almost, but not quite excited to see that the Royal Parks have been laying down new turf all over Hyde Park. They weren’t quite finished unrolling it all but it’s definitely a start. Now if the weather stays cold, it’ll deter people from loitering so the grass can embed itself in its new home. Next will definitely have to be few other smaller squares.

Weather has been really weird – snow which has been fallen in tiny flakes but there’s no chance of it settling. As I wrote on TB, it reminds me of being in a Silent Hill Game. All we need now is for Harry Mason to knock at the door, asking if I’ve seen a little girl. Still, the temperature has been barely above zero degrees; did the Groundhog see its shadow? I think it did IIRC.

Saturday was something of an errand day; chores in the morning and early afternoon, an experimental lunch of casserole vegetables, peppers, sausages in a caramelised onion sauce, fried up in a Wok. Didn’t taste that bad however and it used up a bunch of fridge stuff. Went out late afternoon after another game of Star Trek: Conquest (Dominion this time) and Age of Empires 3. Wandered up the road to Leytonstone, swung by Argos for yet another toilet seat (this must be my fifth or sixth in a decade) and called into Tesco for some odds and sods but ended up with £40 of items – treated myself to new Walking Socks, a bottle of Sicilian Grillo, some bi-curious cider and an armful of yellow stickered bargains.

Spent the evening playing a couple of games before bunging on Season Two of Waiting for God. I was in no mood to go out despite having itchy feet and instead finished off my Star Trek: Titan book before bed which means I now need a new iBook. LJ is giving me an iTunes voucher for my birthday which’ll mean I can buy three more Trek books. At least he’s appealing his redundancy decision which is one low-priority fret off my mind. Speaking of LJ, I finally spent his Xmas gift to me in John Lewis. Decided on the red gingham shirt in their Oxford Cotton range rather than owt else but have to find a shirt to junk as I’m still operating “one in-one out” on clothing. TBH, I’m not sure what can go “out” unless I start alternating clothing types as a few t-shirts could go the way of the Dodo.

Game is quietly shoving all the Wii stuff out of the door I noticed today which means if there are any other games I desperately want for the console I seldom play, it’s now or never. Not that I think there’s anything really – Maybe a Mario Party game just to round off the collection. Otherwise it’ll all sit on my shelves just like my Gamecube collection. Untouched…unloved…

Oh, been doing very well on Zoo Keeper Battle lately, hovering around the 20,000 mark with a new high of 14,000 in the world. Keep beating the Teapot Master for prizes also as he’s much easier than the Bushido Master for some daft reason. And I downloaded the new iOS version of Civilization Revolution though haven’t checked out the new material for the game (they’ve essentially blended it with Beyond the Sword in terms of further customisations). Like most other games these days, the additional content costs more moolah. Which reminds me to check Civfanatics for an updated Star Trek mod or even if they’ve finally finished the Star Wars one.