So first of all, I guess I want to thank Sony. Oh I’m still annoyed by most of their goddawful devices (Greystation and those dreadful, dire handheld consoles) but the headphones I’m using are Sony and over a year later, they’re still functioning beautifully. My iPhone volume never has to go above 50% to listen to music clearly, even on a packed tube train on the Bank-Liverpool Street stretch of the Central Line (without a doubt, the noisiest part of the network). And there never seems to be a clash between swapping jacks out on my 3DS and iPhone and iPad and laptop and whatever other device it gets plugged into (Joey’s blackberry for the latest piece of YouTube humour springs to mind).

Apple – take note of the above, please make earphones that last more than fifteen picoseconds.

Coming into Reading now, I’ve passed through this town/city (?) multiple times but never gotten off here. Perhaps I should make time just to see the place once and glimpse at the world behind the concrete edifices cloistering around the station. Actually the above sentence is a lie, I have disembarked from the train at Reading, to change to a Theale train. So there.

Considering this is a “peak train”, it’s not particularly full though I suppose it is a Friday; I don’t think it’s half term until w/c 18th Feb though as I recall, the February half term is set depending on the local authority. Some are on half term next week, others the week after. This week, the District Line has been full of school parties, presumably heading towards South Kensington and the various museums down that way. That sort of activity is frequently scheduled just either side of school holidays but does not for happy commuters make. Especially those who like to play 3DS without kids hanging over seats gawping at your screen…

Very sad news the other week about Sony shutting down what is now called Sony Liverpool, formerly Psygnosis. Another Great British game designer crushed by an overseas, myopic giant the same way Rare was splooged over by Microsoft. Another reason to hate and despise Sony, and wish for their humiliating, painful downfall. Angrymuch Heather? The only reason I happened to think of that was because I’m listening to a Turrican remix (by the brilliant Jeroen Tel) which sounds like the in-game music for Bully/Canis Canem Edit, a game by Rockstar, another Great British – or at least founded by Brits – institution.

Birthday planning news – finally talked through the party with Andy D at the Griffin and discussed options, logistics etc. I think we have a plan though the kitchen team are going to come up with alternative options for the dinner menu, not because my choices are unrealistic but because two heads, three heads etc are better than one. Though I have to insist on Frikadellen, won’t budge on that one. What that leaves me with is the bill, the decorations and polishing off the playlist. I don’t have too much else to worry about as the rest has been sorted out.

Random jump – one question I failed to ask at Cascade yesterday (as I wussed out yesterday) that why do we need urgently to respond to the Laidlaw recommendations? The Laidlaw report really does strike at the fundamentals of the modern office environment which have been changed too radically, too quickly – read 7.5 of the report. Isn’t it better to take a little time to sit, think and consider what’s really at stake here rather than apply a sticking plaster to an open, festering wound? And it is a wound – whilst the language used is suitably politic, the implications are clear – we have some serious problems. I don’t think that’s a career endangering comment as it’s nothing that isn’t already publicly accessible. I’m just rebranding it in my own way. As Sexy Lexy Luthor says, Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing, when nobody is listening.

Actually, that’s something I do feel strongly on, the fact that posting comments in an online space about your employer can lead to disciplinary action if they take issue. After all, work/life balance is increasingly blurred these days and I thought that managers encouraged feedback these days. If someone feels so strongly as to post something negative online, surely it should spur you on to examine what it is about your working practices that lead to people taking such a public step. Granted, something like “ZOMG my manager is such a dick” is a little crude and should be dealt with. Sometimes, you can’t be sure that those who need to be listening actually are doing so, being wrapped up in other concerns. It’s easy to forget the basics when considering the variables.

I’m not going to dissect the Laidlaw report itself, that’s already been done by countless analysts in the media and at the teapoint. But it’s a chilling warning of how when things go wrong, they go wrong. And again, WE TOLD YOU SO.

Have something of a nagging fear that the snow predicted/happening in the north is going to suddenly swing south and hit Swansea with the full force of Jadis the White Witch. Chiefly as the BBC’s weather forecasting ability veers on this side of utterly incorrect, even though they’ve re-employed the Schaf. I don’t want to be stuck anywhere owing to the weather, even at home. I get the urge to do the opposite of what I’m supposed to do, too Eunice Parchman in that way.

Did I really write ZOMG two paragraphs ago? Ugh, I feel so dirty.

Right, quittin’ time, some AoE 3 methinks or Civ V – bless ya Steam.