I’m on the move again today folks, this time over to see the good people in Swansea for another DVLA visit. We’re talking IT systems and specifically, the new build they’re putting together for a demonstration. And of course, I’ll be sneaking in a visit to see Big Ian down in the Print Team.

This has of course necessitated getting up at 6am (why would anyone willingly rise at this time?) and a panic-induced dash half way across town as I always fear missing the train. Oh, some doddering old git soaked my jeans this morning whilst he was loving coating his car with hot water to remove frost. He threw the dregs of the water onto the pavement and I swear he knew I was coming down the road so they got me rather than the actual concrete. I’m thinking of urinating on his BMW door handles by way of revenge; hyper-childish I know but it’ll make me feel better.

So I’ve managed to boot someone out of my seat on the train and cheated the woman sat opposite me of the lion’s share of table space by getting here first. All in all, it’s been a mixed bag of a morning and there’s another four and a half hours to go before the midday pit-stop. After our meeting, we’re going on a meet n greet session with various colleagues before coming back to London.

You know what, my stupid PC has downloaded the latest virus scan updates and ordered me to restart now. Given how the stupid thing got me when playing Age of Empires the other week by rebooting me in the middle of a game, I’m going to terminate this blog post now and resume later. So you can have two today.