I’m still not convinced by the new iTunes skin which came out about a month ago.  Rather than having a complete desktop feel, the software has been more “Apple-ised” with menus hidden away towards the top of the screen.  It’s not as if you’re already assaulted with visual images anyway so why the designers felt the need to start the obfuscation process defies conventional reasoning.  However, a couple of extra features quietly buried away _have_ been rather useful, particularly the ability to add songs to a queue when either listening to a set playlist or on random.  If that was already there people, DON’T let me know, it’ll just be too irksome.

To Xian & Stephen’s for dinner last night and I’m very pleased to report that it was an all herbivore affair.  Yes, the carnivores were miffed by the fact there was no meat on offer.  Alas it means I’m obliged to throw something together the next time (so I’ll have to consider dates, times and the like).  It’s interesting to see how the flat now they’ve finished all their work on it.  Despite not having a massive amount of space, they have done wonders in opening everything up to give the illusion of more room (no curtains on windows, shiny reflective surfaces).  Does make me think what I want to do with Casa Trevelyan next – it’s true, when one person remodels, everyone else feels the urge to pick up a hammer and saw.

The nightbus home last night was… rather quick.  Either that or I was so engrossed in James Noir that it seemed that the trip didn’t make any major impact.  I missed my stop by two and had to get off somewhere up Leytonstone High Road.  Was totally my fault though I was pleased by the fact that the usual Essex flotsam didn’t appear to be on there in any great numbers.  Prejudiced?  Yup.

Otherwise the weekend has been fairly sedate.  I had a +10 mile walk on Friday night not getting home before 10 followed by some Age of Empires Online dragging the Egyptians from Level 13 to Level 16 and kicking ass at the Camel Racing.  Almost caught up on the usual domestics too though the oven has been crying to be cleaned for a while now.  I have the kit, I just don’t have the urge to develop chemical burns in doing so.  It’s one of those nuclear strength numbers which is also used to clean the Space Shuttle or something.

And just because it’s Sunday and I’m listening to it/them right now, a YouTube link to Rambo (feat. Hanna Kappelin and Larsec) by Visa Roster.  Granted it’s actually Ocean Loader 2 but what the hell…