I think I’m going to have to take myself down to the glue factory – I’m headed for the knackers yard anyway, might as well recycle me properly. Ok, this is a piece of self-pity crap, I’m tired and sore and spent most of my weekend doing stuff rather than the customary recharge session so feel like I haven’t had a break. And only one mug of coffee to boot!

Saturday I met up with Brendan – for someone who “doesn’t mind” where we go to eat etc, I’d say the reverse of that statement is a more consistent aphorism. Granted I wasn’t having a great morning – my phone wouldn’t stop ringing and receiving text messages. In the end I had to switch the wretched thing off just to get a little peace and quiet. We went to Wahaca on Wardour Street and ate Tacos. And I had a Salt n Pepper beer which he wasn’t impressed with. I liked it, thought it gave it a kick.

After lunch, had a wander around the grimness that is W1, picked up the usual comic books at FP, bought another Bubble Bobble piece of merchandise (a mug) before slowly heading back home for an evening of leftovers and AoE Online. I did toy with the idea of a chair massage at Relax but Brendan wouldn’t go for it – didn’t want to sit there being pummelled on my own though I’ve done that before.

Also tried to track down a copy of Risk Legacy – hey, we have to think about these things once we’ve blitzed the current board. Went to Orc’s Nest and Hamley’s and failed twice in trying to track down a copy. They didn’t even have Civilization. So I wandered over to Stratford Westfield for the sheer hell of it, took several years off of my life through stress but did call into Game and bought a couple of Styluses for my 3DS + a dirt cheap copy of James Noir Hollywood Murder 3D which I assumed to be a knock-off of Professor Layton (and I was right).

Slept in quite late Sunday and after braving the tube crowds, made my way up to Kilburn to Lee’s House for a Trek afternoon which was S1 & S2 of TNG though I’d happened to catch one of the episodes seen on the Syfy channel earlier that day (eerie coincidence). It was nice watching the updated visuals and listening to the remastered audio.

That’s my weekend in a nutshell, not much more to report really or at the very least, there’s little willpower to pad the above out any more. Despite it being fairly grim outside, the weather is surprisingly warm this time of year. You can walk around with your coat undone (though a scarf is recommended) and not necessarily at a brisk pace – or so my fellow pedestrians think. Whether this lull endures or not is a matter known only to Gaia but it’s better than November’s sub-zero temperatures.