Masala Zone once again didn’t fail to disappoint last night – had the Undhiyo Curry with Dal and Saffron Rice. It was, in the immortal words of Winona Ryder (à la Family Guy), most good. The only flaw in the meal was the table we were shoved into – right in the corner next to what I assumed were a Swedish couple who were shoveling in their Thali platters. Afterwards, Andy and I went to the Wellie – as Happy Hour had finished at Be @ One for a couple of jars. 

Soho 2013 – the area should just change its name to “Dying Slowly”. This is all the fault of Westminster City Council who is trying to cram in as many overpriced yuppie flats into the area as possible. The fun has been gradually squeezed out of the area for quite some time now – but if Lambeth, Southwark and Camden want to pick up the slack then let them. When the businesses move on, the residents will suffer a collective stroke when their council tax bills go from being some of the cheapest in the country to some of the most expensive. 

Am pleased to report that I was able to get eight hours sleep last night for the first time in…I have no idea the last time I had eight hours sleep.  It’s looking likely that the lack of sleep is the reason this stubborn cold won’t shift.  It’s not a full on cold, not one of those debilitating things, just the occasional sneezing fit.  And no, I doubt it’s an allergy (except to the office…) 

Oh, I managed to start Resident Evil Revelations on the Tube ride into Dante’s fifth level of hell…er… work.  Was immediately put in mind of Ghostbusters: The Video Game with all the scanning work you have to put in on various odds and sods in the game.  Still, in terms of visuals it appears to be a nice game.  I suspect my machine is going to give me some issues thanks to the repeated dropping of the console when I was trying to replace the bathroom light switch.  The Circular D Pad is feeling stiff and clunky.  

Looks like the weekend has just about filled out with activities – Brendan on Saturday for lunch/gaming and Lee’s Trek afternoon.  Which is going to require some thought for both.  Let me see, I think I have some thinking time available during those seven to eight hours I waste lying unconscious.