Finished off Paper Mario on my 3DS yesterday evening – didn’t quite get 100% though was very close.  I’ve enjoyed my two weeks with the game, it would have taken me longer to finish off at standard playtime but given my stretch on the Eurostar plus a couple of lazy afternoons, it was much quicker to finish.  The final battle was a right doozy but easier to beat than the Shadow Queen in the GC version.  Use the right stickers at the right time and you sail through it. 

So at lunchtime today, I walked through the park, headed up Waterloo Place and Haymarket only to end up at the HMV sited in the Trocadero.  Had a quick browse through the shelves, tried hard to ignore the siren call of a new console and ended up walking out with Resident Evil Revelations (as I’d plugged Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D into my 3DS this morning).  I dare say I’ll cobble together a review at some point. 

New Years Eve – spent that watching Roseanne Season 8 on DVD.  Though the heating got fixed, I felt somewhat out of it that evening – headache, lethargy, fatigue.  Had a paranoid thought it might have been Carbon Monoxide poisoning from a bad repair job from the boiler though it’s more likely the lack of sleep over the past week in part thanks to shivering at night.  I did managed to get out to Westfield very briefly on Monday afternoon as I wanted to make me some chilli and ended up in Waitrose where the customers were behaving like a pack of rapid, feral dogs snatching booze off the shelf like nobody’s business. 

Spent yesterday playing AoE online, levelling up the Greeks and the Egyptians and using my Empire vault to trade goods between all three powers (including the Celts).  Actually had a full house for the first time in over ten days as Tim had returned from Australia with a suitcase full of peanut butter (ick).  Jammy git – the temperature was around 32 degrees…stark contrast to the temperature in my lounge. 

Next week will be my first week in the office that lasts five days which hasn’t happened in over a month.  Dunno if I’ll have the fortitude to last although returning to normal regarding my walking will be nice.  Haven’t had the courage to brave the scales but I don’t think they’ll be in my favour at the moment.  I’m not going to make a vow about joining a gym – not least as every other sucker will be doing so for the next four to six weeks but I am still leaning in that direction.  Dunno which one to try – either the cheapo one in Vauxhall or the large Fitness First in Leyton which is where Stephen goes.  But he takes it way more to heart than I would.  Still, in terms of mathematics it would work out better; burn off more calories in less time or even more calories in the same time.  Would I want to bulk up again?  I remember what happened the last time and so too do my calf muscles… 

Forward Look: 2013

In the first half of the year, there are possible trips to Brussels again and Hamburg, birthday, I have to use my Clapham Spa vouchers at some point, there’s Ceajay’s 30th, two weddings in June and the usual Tuesday Quiz, Risk Legacy sessions.  Oh, and I need to get board game afternoons into the calendar.  Speaking of which – BBC News reports a 14% increase on the sales of board games…I’m so ahead of the curve it’s unreal.

I don’t think there’s much else in the pipeline.  Whilst I would like to go to Dublin, I’ve more of an itch to go back to Berlin so I might go there in the summer or late spring.  Aqeel talked about some of us taking off to go abroad for a weekend – possible.

Otherwise…yup, off to dinner this evening at Masala Zone.  Nice place, decent food.  Gets a bit busy but hey-ho.