I swear, this is a test of endurance.  Work that is; whilst a large project might have been successfully completed or at the very least finished off for now, other parts of my portfolio have thrust their ugly faces in my line of sight and need to be dealt with PDQ.  Put it this way, I don’t think I’m going to get a breather between now and say December 24th (which is when I’m looking to take a day’s leave).  There’s also a trip to Sidcup, one to Brussels and maybe, just maybe a working group in Hamburg in January.

Be careful for what you wish for eh?  That said, I’m not sure I’m capable of carrying on with the Network full time.  I just don’t have the wherewithal to make time to keep things going. Oh yeah, I think this is endemic across all sectors.  With staff cuts and increased workloads, I fail to envisage how one can make more people volunteer for little/no reward.  Big Society my arse.

Since I got back from my weekend excursion, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in…activity.  Work, quiz, Risk Legacy, more work, yet more work.  I had to pass on Damon’s 40th birthday last night (and Ceajay’s Wii U night) as I didn’t finish work until 7 and when I did leave the office, it took all my strength just to keep my eyes propped open.  Feels like failure, not being able to attend but I’ll make it up to him after he gets back from NZ.  When I did struggle through the front door, I headed straight for the couch, folded up my jacket for use as a pillow and stayed there watching Season 2 of Roseanne and then some South Park.

It’s a Trickle Charge weekend ahead, or at least I thought it was until I noticed that the vacuum cleaner appears to have died.  All suction power seems to have gone from the damn thing.  Another frigging expense though if nowt else, it’s given me an excuse to buy a full size Dyson.  And I have to get some lottery tickets as its a rollover event; Joe’s feeling lucky.  If I can muster up any energy, I will head on down to Gerry’s on Old Compton Street to get some Xmas gifts.  The theme will definitely be liquor this year.  Whilst I appreciate it’s not the most imaginative, at least I know what people like or don’t like and what to get them.  Or not – though liquor also extends to liqueur chocolates and brandy soaked puddings.

Right, that’s your lot – though I will briefly mention Winter Wonderland before signing off and going to bed.  I walked through having a nosey around on Thursday evening.  It’s bigger than it was last year and the rides look more exciting.  The prices were slightly disturbing but as I had no intention of parting with my cash before pay day at the earliest, no issues there.  I may go back properly for a mulled cider and a Pretzel.