My last post was post number 500 and the best I could come up with was a picture of a duck prowling around the Peabody estate near work.  But why should post number 500 be anything special?

Again, I still haven’t made time to scribe up a recanting of what’s been going on.  It’s just been megabusy what with events at work, social, lots of exercise and many a game of Age of Empires Online – and even Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles on the Wii.  But I’m free now so here’s a list of news in a nutshell.

Griffin Quiz – won last week and came second to Science this week.  Fortunately it was a lower scoring quiz this week which means Yoshi’s Island maintains an overall lead on the seasonal ladder. We had a full house this week and even David (Apocalypso) made a guest appearance.  Not much else to say on that score although I was quite pleased to see that this week’s prize was a crate of Erdinger Beer.  Hopefully the first of many.  Pub was packed both weeks – I guess with the season due to finish in three weeks, things will be hotting up.

Risk Legacy – last Wednesday and this Wednesday, Joey and I have been going to Jad’s  (his former housemate) flat for games of Risk Legacy.  Based on the traditional game of Risk, Risk Legacy really injects something of a video game vibe into the piece as the rules are different and there is customisation of the teams, the rules, the territories and even the names of the territories.  I might post a proper review at some point in the future but it’s been great fun to play and once we’ve finished the initial fifteen games, I would like to start anew with a fresh set but this time, try different sets of rules.

Work – I’ve been drafted into helping out with regard getting out a consultation paper on Speed Limit Exemptions for the Emergency Services.  Briefly put, in the UK, the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services have the legal right to exceed speed limits where the situation warrants (actually, it’s a blanket exemption but generally its when the sirens are on).  But there are other Emergency Service vehicles like those being used for human tissue transplants, Bomb Disposal Squads etc which don’t have the legal right to exceed the speed limit.  We’re going to consult to see what appetite there is to extend existing powers to cover these vehicles and to see how drivers are trained.  It’s been a very tight series of deadlines but at 3.55pm today, the Consultation went up to the Minister which is pretty much it as far as I’m concerned.  It also meant that I had to clear my desk of other stuff – not easy and some of it will come back to bite me in the arse.

Games – Yeah, AoE online.  I migrated servers a second time, back to Athens so that I could befriend Paul and Darren, visit their cities etc but I lost all my frickin’ progress I’d made with Greece and with Egypt.  So instead, I began as the Celts, taking advantage of their Priestly abilities Wololo!  I decided to unlock the Premium Celtic Content for the sheer hell of it and I’m glad I did as the game is a great deal better now that I’ve done so.  There are way more unlocks with this content so I’ll be grinding my way slowly towards Level 40 and then maybe…another Civ will need a go.

I started afresh on Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles just for the sheer hell of it.  I think I’m playing off the back of Resident Evil 4 as I really enjoyed playing Separate Ways.  It’s a real shame RE5 wasn’t released for the Wii, real shame.

Other bits – not much else to impart.  Went to XXL last night with…a mate I can’t name who’d get in trouble if his other half were to read my blog.  Was pissed when I got there, drinking Amstel made it worse.  Still, had a dance, caught up and got home for 4am.  And still managed a ten mile walk today.  Well, I think the cold sore has gone, it’s been replaced by an opportunistic fungal infection – Angular Cheilitis.  It’s sore and slightly chapped but no other symptoms so I’ve changed topical creams and will see if that knocks it on the head.  But there is shrinkage.